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Lin Chiling's language training while working on the film RED CLIFF has proven to be useful again, as she rushed to Shanghai todayfor the Shanghai Animation Film Studio's just finished animation MA LAN HUA to provide her voice. The entire recording process lasted an afternoon. The film will be released June 19. The folklore animation MA LAN HUA is a Shanghai Film Group Animation Film production and a China Education Television Station joint release, and a Shanghai Animation Film Studio, Xiamen advanced technology company and Shanghai Sheng Tai Investment Management company joint production. The story mainly centers around a battle for a magic flower that can bring humanity well-being. The magic flower's guardian Ma Long accidently rescues Old Man Wang, who fell while picking herbal medicine inthe mountains. He meets and falls for Old Man Wang's daughter Xiao Lan. Xiao Lan's twin sister Da Lan longs for the material indulgance than themagic flower can bring and becomes jealous of Xiao Lan. The Ivy Demon who has long been coveted the magic flower uses Da Lan's vanity to steal the magic flower in order to dominate the Ma Lan Mountain. Finally, the industrious and kind-hearted Ma Long and Xiao Lan eventually defeat the demon, while Da Lan and Old Cat also mend their ways.

With the special support of the Shanghai Charity Foundation and Shanghai Special Care Foundation, more and more stars have taken the initiative to join the film. Lin Chiling after reading the script gladly joined without any salary consideration. In order to give herself even more challenge, she deliberately chose the easily despised character of Da Lan. Lin Chiling today was dressed in light yellow to the recording studio. She said that the film highly recommended the virtues of hard work and kindness, which were very significant. Da Lan's vanity, laziness and selfishness provided a new attempt for her voice performance and for fans to see a different her.

Known for her sweet baby voice Lin Chiling felt that her voice matched the 18 year old Da Lan very well. She said that the pronunciation, tone, and other training that she received during RED CLIFF helped her manage this role better. When a reporter asked whether she would change her voice for this role, she said with a smile that voice hadno age. She was confident that as long as it was properly maintained, her voice would still be as sweet at age 50 and 60 as it is now. Reportedly, MA LAN HUA like the hit MAGIC LAMP many years ago used a strong all star lineup. Aside from Lin Chiling, Chen Hao provided the voice of Xiao Lan. Many mystery stars would also provide their voices from three lands on both sides of the strait. The theme song performers will be Taiwan Seed Music artists Kenji Wu Ke Chun, Valen Hsu Yu Wan, Landy Wen and others.

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