Wednesday, May 13, 2009


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The Simon Yam Tat Wa, Zhang Jingchu, Amy Chum (Tam Yun Mei) starred film NIGHT AND FOG (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YEH YU MO) two nights ago held its premiere. THE WAY WE ARE (TIN SHUI WAI DIK YUT YU YEH)'s actors Paw Hee Jing, Chan Lai-Wun, as well as Jim Tsim Shui Man, Lee Lik Chi, and Law Wai Guen came in support. Yam Tat Wa expressed that this film is quite a character story. After its completion he cherishs his friends even more, like a relationship between a parent and a child. Would he cherish his wife more? He laughed and said that he always has. Earlier a film critic pointed out that Yam Tat Wa has played many deranged characters before. This time he was in familiar territory. Brother Wa expressed that the revelation of this character was different. This was not a deranged character. Some Mainland film critics pointed out that he and Zhang Jingchu had too much star flaovr. He said, "I don't have star flavor, I can be a star, I can not be a star. This time in the film I am sloppy, which is an all new interpretation." Yam Tat Wa earlier did not win the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. Was he confident about winning with this filM? He honestly said that a nomination every year would be great, as he rather enjoyed the participation. Was he afraid of the stress? He said, "No, stress is good. Only it brings challenges. Without stress I have no improvement. I may as well stop acting."

Sister Bao two nights ago came to support Ann Hui On Wa, she expressed that she would like to work with the director again should the chance arise. Earlier Sister Bao was so busy that she felt ill. Two nights ago she expressed that her body was already much better. Lately she was still working on ATV's FAMILY WISDOM. Reportedly Sister Bao's ATV contract would soon be up and TVB was interested in recruiting her. Once ATV found out it started production on a series in hopes of keeping her. Sister Bao honestly said that her contract would end in November but for now no one has approached her. She said that if she would go to TVB she would need to take a long time to start over. Reporters said that Tse Shuet Sum is working on TVB series. Sister Bao said, "Sister Sum used two years. Actually at my age it's no big deal." Sister Bao honestly said that she would prefer the company that she knew instead of a new challenge. Would money be a determining factor? Sister Bao laughed. "I will worry about it when someone really approaches me."

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