Thursday, March 19, 2020


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Without any fear for the outbreak, the film THE FALLEN (DOR LOK FA) has been scheduled for an April 9th release. The classic film MAN ON THE BRINK's Golden Horse Award Best Actor Eddie Chan (Ai Dik) this time in THE FALLEN played Uncle For. Hard to tell whether he was good or evil, his presence was exceptionally strong.

Eddie said, "In recent years I came back to make movies. Uncle For isn't like me at all. When I studied the role in detail and 'savor' the meaning of each line, I understood that Uncle For was not what he seemed. He was a wolf in a sheep's skin, he looked sloppy but secretly he has a picky side. So I suggested to the art director to put black polish on his pinky nail, an unintentional slip to show the audience his conflicted world inside." Eddie lived up to his Best Actor name, truly even his pinky was able to act! Eddie and THE FALLEN team also had a rather pleasant collaboration. "On the set I often joked around with Irene, Chan Wai and everyone, I made them very happy."

As the novel coronavirus spread, did Eddie feel the atmosphere has become tense in the U.S.? "I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, where there is more space. Between each individual home would be certain distance. I would drive around and have few contacts with others. For now it wouldn't be too tense. However I have seen people in masks; according to the news on television, Tom Hanks and his wife were making a movie in Australia, whoever infected them showed no symptom and they unknowingly caught it. We can only take as much precaution as we can." The pandemic has put a stop to many industries, but Eddie could not be busier. "My company has always done medical supply business, providing masks, gloves to dentists and nurses. In the past two or three months the demand of masks rapidly increased, the company still had stock and was able to handle it. However recently we were sold out of stock, without any idea when Mainland China would have supplies to ship." He wished good health to the Hong Kong audience, and he would return to Hong Kong more to make movies when the opportunities would arise. "If I run into a good script, character, I of course would gladly come back!"

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