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Leung Tin once received the ATV Brilliant Achievement Award
Leung Tin has been a radio play performer, a stage actor, in the 1960s he joined TVB
Leung Tin worked with Bill Tung

Leung Tin (second left) performed a Radio Hong Kong performance of  DUKE OF MOUNT DEER with friend Chung King Fai (third left)
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Veteran actor and producer Leung Tin yesterday at 2PM passed away at the hospital at age 87. Leung Tin was the first generation of Hong Kong young actors, from the 60s when he worked on TVB's first black and white long running television series until the color television era. He also worked at RTV and ATV, from on to off camera. Leung Tin has witnessed the Hong Kong television history changes, rises and falls. Earlier he was rumored to have severed dementia.

Leung Tin once played the Beijing diva Chau Hoi Tong in a series. He also sang the theme song and another song GOLD CANARY, as well as releasing an original soundtrack record. Leung Tin in his teens met "drama master" Chung King Fai. They performed plays at the youth club drama society. Later when Chung King Fai joined TVB he invited Leung Tin to perform and thus became gold label partners on television. In film he worked on JULY RHAPSODY (NAM YUN SEI UP) and A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) in recent years.

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