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Laughing Gor Michael Tse Tin Wa again jumped from television to the big screen as the film TURNING POINT 2 (LAUGHING GOR ji CHIM JUI FAN) followed the television series LIVES OF OMISSION (CHIM HUNG JUI GIK)'s story.  Laughing after murdering So Sing Pak was found guilty and
sent to prison, then another undercover mission began.  Tse Tin Wa in the film had many scenes with the Francis Ng Chun Yu played Professor.  The card scene near the end was unforgettable for him.

Tse Tin Wa praised Chun Yu's performance as unforgettable to him even now.  "When Chun Yu took his mark for the first scene, his interpretation was completely different from what I imagined.  His interpretation to me had an impact on me, stimulated my thinking and gave me a sense of freshness."  TURNING POINT 2 was the only Hong Kong film release during the New Year slot, which made Tse Tin wa feel very proud.  Would he like its box office to be better than TURNING POINT (BIN JIT)?  He said, "I never thought about it.  If I think like that, I would have stress."  Would he work on another series about Laughing?  The audience and TVB would decide.

Kate Tsui Tsz Shan went from LIVES OF OMISSION's smart lawyer to TURNING POINT 2's mental patient.  The characters differed drastically.  She said, "I rather enjoyed playing a mental patient, the character had potential.  The only bad part was the shoot was too rushed."  She recalled her first scene was when she learned that So Sing Pak was dead and she collapsed from crying.  It was completely just as the sun rose and she only had two opportunities.  It was dangerously close but luckily it was completed.  "I only had two chances to make this scene good.  I had to cry until I collapsed, the stress was tremendous and it was very tragic!  I at first thought only the first day of work would be like that, but later many important scenes were just like that too.  Even so, I still enjoyed the production process.  The outside response has been very positive too and I felt comforted."

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