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The film YUEN HUNG (REWARD) yesterday held a production start ceremony.  Attending actors included Alex Man Chi Leung, Fiona Sit Hoi Kei, Wen Chao, Sire Ma Choi and producer Paco Wong.  Man Chi who has not shown his face in a long time was excited as he took pictures with people all over and had plenty to say.

Man Chi said that he has not made a Hong Kong film in a long time.  This time he was very happy to make this comedy and even made Chapman To Man Jat his disciple.  This time Paco invited him to return to Hong Kong to perform and they did not discuss salary.  Man Chi currently still has a clothing business in the Mainland.  It has already overcome the tough times and did not close, but he believed its business would unlikely go higher.  Would he return to TVB?  Man Chi said that no one asked him.  Reporters said that TVB salary was low and could not afford him.  He joked, "This is a little closer to reality!  (TVB only offers HK$10,000 per episode!)  Ha?  So much?"  Man Chi said that he and TVB had a deep relationship and money would not be an issue.  If he was asked to return home he definitely would.  "Money isn't a problem, because I have it."

With all the smiling he seemed to be excessively active.  Man Chi still laughed and said, "I don't know why, after 50 I seem to be a kid again.  Many people are asking me to make movies and commercials."  Why did he give people the impression that he was a maniac?  He said, "That's what people said!  (You wrote big character posters!)  That's my thing, it didn't affect others."  Was he more easy going than before?  Man Chi said, "I have always been, only people framed me and gave me this title.  I don't have a magazine that I can strike back with."  During the Lunar New Year, he will visit Europe with his wife and son.

Sit Hoi Kei in the film played Man Chi's daughter.  After this collaboration, she finally understood Man Chi was called "Drama King" and even made him her idol.  Fiona also praised Man Chi was a very thoughtful elder.  After working on this film, he gave every actor a commemorative card.  Earlier Man Chi even reminded her to lower her head during photo opportunities because she did not look good when she extended her neck.  Earlier she and Khalil Fong Datong went shopping for glasses.  Fiona said that they happened to finish work together and shared the same ride, so they went shopping together.  She stressed that she and Datong were just friends.

Paco Wong said that this year he will make several movies.  His company will also produce concerts.  Reportedly Edmond Leung Hong Man's friends raised 4 million to free him from Golden Typhoon; Paco Wong said that was not true, but as a friend he definitely would support him.

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