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The Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG 2012 (2012 NGOR OI HK HEI SEUNG GA HEI)'s Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Natalie Meng Yao, Zhang Xinyu and others put on traditional Chinese costumes to wish everyone a Happy Lunar New Year and wished for box office success for their new films.

Chi Wai said that this year he will perform in North America with his daughter Tsang Bo Yi.  His family will go with them and spend on the holiday there.  As for the Hong Kong base, he will keep an eye on it remotely as Mo Mo and Wheat Bread (Mak Cheung Ching) will be responsible for viewer appreciation.  Chi Wai said that this year has been a very joyous one as he was able to work with his daughter on a rare occasion.  In the past due to work they could not spend the holiday together.  This year due to work they will have the chance.  He said that when the children were little they often complained that he was not at home.  Now with the children in show business they finally understood.  Chi Wai this year will become a grandfather.  Will he prepare a giant laisee for his grandson?  He said, "Wait until the birth first!"

Wong Chung Chak said that he will be working on an ad campaign in Japan during the Lunar New Year while his girlfriend Myolie Wu Hung Yi will be working on a series in the Mainland.  Reporters joked that he and Hung Yi might share a bed but could not have a New Year reunion meal.  Bosco joked, "Dinner is dinner, sleeping is sleeping."  Will he pay a Lunar New Year visit to Hung Yi's home?  He said, "She won't be in Hong Kong, nothing to do with me."  This year he and Hung Yi publicized their relationship.  Will they give double laisee?  He said, "I am not married yet, one is enough!  Everyone gets good luck.  (Will you give on behalf of Hung Yi?)  She is making so much money from a Mainland series, she can give it herself!"

Mother Meng Yao looked much slimmer, even more than when she was making movies.  She explained that after giving birth she saw how much bigger she got and truly could not help but lose weight.  She worked hard on her diet and exercises and dropped from the peak of 170 some pounds to now only 110 pounds or so.  She joked that even her top measurement has shrunk as she joked, "Now I want breast enlargement!"  She joked that now she finally understood why some girls wanted breast enlargement.  Did her husband "complain"?  She said, "Would he dare?"  She also said that for now she will not have another child as she will work on movies.  She was afraid that the audience will forget her.  Was she not a "young wife"?  Meng Yao joked, "I am not a young wife, but the queen mother."

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