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Tiffany Hsu and Ethan Juan two days ago
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courtesy of takungpao.com

Due to military service, Ethan Juan (Yuen King Tin) has become the media target.  However Siu Tin actually has never thought about avoiding it.  Instead he looked forward to it very much.  Yesterday Siu Tin finally reported and again clarified the alternative service issue.  He stressed that he did not have any special privilege.  Now finally he was able to complete what he should do and he was very happy.  Siu Tin's girlfriend Tiffany Hsu due to work could not see him off.

Siu Tin left around 9PM and reported with friends in tow.  Media waited outside Siu Tin's home.  Siu Tin was dressed casually and looked energized.  When he saw the media he could not help but scream, "This truly is too brilliant!"  How did he feel about joining the military?  Siu Tin said, "Finally I can complete what I should do so I don't have any special feeling.  I feel just like all men who have to serve."  Two nights ago Siu Tin's friends went to his home to bid him farewell.  He slept very well so yesterday he did not have any dark circles around his eyes.  He will first have lunch at his grandfather's home in Taichung, then report in the afternoon.

Siu Tin's military service has always been controversial.  Siu Tin again clarified, "Anyone who have served should know that alternative service was determined when I graduated from high school.  I went for repeated examination twice.  At the time I wasn't an artist so I don't have any so-called special privilege problem."  Was his girlfriend Tiffany Hsu reluctant to let him go or ask him for anything?  Siu Tin joked, "You make her sounds like she's my Ma!  I will be back!  It's not like I won't.  It's not bitterly guarding a chilly cave for 18 years either."  However, his girlfriend due to work would not see him off.  Why did he report alone and not meet up with others reporting?  He said, "I was informed to do so, I don't know, I am just following orders."

Siu Tin will be away from show business for a year.  He was not worried that his show business job will be hindered due to his military service, because the service had to be done.  As an actor he should properly experience life.  Siu Tin before reporting did not forget to promote his new film LOVE.  In addition, Siu Tin's film THE GUILLOTINES (HUET DIK JI) will also be released this year.  Siu Tin spent two and a half months on THE GUILLOTINES, which was as difficult as "advanced military service".  however he thanked the "spicy instructor" Andrew Lau Wai Keung for advancing his "tough experience".  This film will be released in the summer.  Siu Tin will be absent from the premiere and the promotion.  However the team guaranteed a very special way for him to appear.

Siu Tin pointed out that Lau Wai Keung gave him countless "first times", like the first time he did 50 push ups, the first time he lost eight jin in four days, the first time he felt nauseous from all the wire work.  However in Siu Tin's eyes, Lau Wai Keung was still a very loving father.  When he turned 29, Lau Wai keung arranged for a secret celebration.  When he returned to his hotel room, the team emerged from the closet, behind the curtains and under the bed.  Seeing how pleased Lau Wai Keung was, Siu Tin could not help but break down.  Siu Tin also said that brothers who he "stayed up all night with, got hurt with and even got yelled at by the director with" Shawn Yue Man Lok, Huang Xiaoming and others were hard to forget.  He looked forward to their reunion after the end of his service.

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