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Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Andy On Chi Kit, Lin Peng yesterday promoted their new film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN).  Chairman Chou was the most popular as he attracted over 100 fans.  Coincidentally Chairman Chou's birthday will be on the 18th.  The host asked fans to sing the birthday song, but Chairman Chou said that it was a little embarrassing.  Fans ignored him and kept singing.  They also played games with the audience.

Chairman Chou said that his birthday wish was for THE VIRAL FACTOR to be this year's box office champion, his written and directed film could be second.  Why did he not want it to be number one?  Chairman Chou joked, "Because this film is the toughest in my history, I wouldn't let myself to suffer too much so being second is enough!"  Chairman Chou also revealed that on his birthday he will attend the film premiere in Taiwan and he planned to invite 50 artists to a party.  Will he invite his girlfriend?  Chairman Chou kept circling and only said that he will invite female artist friends.  Will he invite rumored girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan (Kwun Ling)?  He admitted that she will be included but she probably would not attend.  Earlier he invited her to see THE GREEN HORNET and she was worried about reporter questions if she appeared.  Speaking of yesterday's Taiwan election, Chairman Chou said that due to the promote he did not have a chance to vote.

As for On Chi Kit he gave Lin Peng the nickname "Gutsy Lin" during the shoot.  He explained that Lin Peng personally performed any and all dangerous stunts.  Did Lin Peng treated herself like Chairman Chou's girlfriend in the film?  She said that although Chairman Chou often rescued and protected her, she did not have any fondness for him.  Was she afraid of falling under the spell of Chairman Chou?  Lin Peng said, "He indeed would have many girls under his spell.  Chairman Chou is very kind, very nice and simple."  Lin Peng revealed that the director has said that if the box office was decent a sequel would be possible.  Will she be able to kiss Chairman Chou then?  Lin Peng said that was not bad, hopefully she will be able to!

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