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The Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI) two nights ago promoted in Causeway Bay.  Chapman To Man Jat, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Raymond Wong Pak Ming and Karena Ng Chin Yu attended and gave away hugs on the streets.  Actually this was a prank that targeted Hung Doi Lam, but because the media was not notified chaos ensued.  Some thought an accident really took place.  Lynn was frightened out of her wits as well.

Two nights ago at the embrace session, an "extra" male viewer came to the stage.  He went crazy because he could not hug Lynn on the stage and even argued with "extras" in the audience.  Later this "extra" male viewer smashed a bottle over Wen Chao's head.  Wen Chao "pretended" to collapse.  Hung Doi Lam was scared out of her wits and immediately ran off the stage.  The male viewer still screamed, "Lynn!  I want to hug you!  I am your real husband!"  Then two "extra" police officers came to stop everything.  With the bloodshed, the media panicked.  At that time the male viewer suddenly hug Ah Jat with a smile and kissed him, then everyone realized that it was just a prank.

Hung Doi Lam later said that she truly was scared and wanted to rush home.  Ah Jat as the "accomplice" admitted that he did not want to.  He joked that he planned to buy her an Aaron Kwok Fu Sing concert DVD as compensation.  Lynn said that she would not tell Sing Sing, who would find out from the papers.  She joked, "If they want to play a prank on me, I may strike back.  So they are very afraid.  Maybe because Ah Jat doesn't know about my tendency toward violence, this time I fell for it."

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