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Emperor boss Albert Yeung hosts the ceremony
Lin Peng
Elaine Kam

Patrick Tse, Andy On, Deborah Li
Eric Kwok, Grace Ip
Young Emperor stars come in support
4 Must See Parts: Earth Shattering Explosion
Seventh Floor Straight Down
Tearful Reunion
Genius child star
Ankie Bielke
Michelle Wai (Si Nga)'s clothing catches fire at the premiere.  Luckily Carlo Chan puts it out.
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Nicholas Tse, Deborah Li, Patrick Tse, Andy On
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Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun), Lin Peng, Liu Kai Chi, Elaine Kam Yin Ling, Andy On Chi Kit along with director Dante Lam Chiu Yi two nights ago attended THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) premiere at Sky 100.  Also on hand were Deborah Li and her husband Moustache Kong, Patrick Tse Yin and others.

The host talked about the venue.  Ting Fung joked that he could consider making an action film here, but Chairman Chou joked that he absolutely would not make a sequel because it was too tough.  The 18th would be Chairman Chou's birthday and the event arranged for a cake to celebrate with him in advance.

Later Ting Fung stated that with the government's permit he would be willing to jump from here for a movie; would he not have to watch himself more as a father?  He said, "I trust the safety of Hong Kong film, we are crazy but not stupid."  The director said that the boss would like the box office to reach 400 million.  Ting Fung admitted that he neither dared nor knew how to estimate, he had confidence though.  When asked about his former wife Cecilia Cheung Pak Chi's poor box office performance after her comeback and becoming the box office poison, Ting Fung was very helpless and said, "Oh don't say that, (people made her sound horrible?)  You made up this name, I didn't say it.  (How do you think she should be described?)  Don't ask me, I don't know how to answer.  If you ask me again I would giving you a beating, or maybe jumping from here and pulling you down too."

Ting Fung said that he will fly back to Shanghai to work for a few days then return to Hong Kong for the Lunar New year.  When asked whether he would reunite with Pak Chi?  Ting Fung kept saying no and said questions like no chance have already been answered before.

Lai Goo said that she has not asked her son.

Has she paid attention to any hint?  Lai Goo joked, "No, I too am waiting for the notice to coordinate.  (Have you contacted Pak Chi?)  No, she is hardly ever in Hong Kong.  (Are you scared?)  Why did you say that?  (Because you don't want them to!)  Are you answering for me?  I can tell everyone, don't put me between them.  Heaven's will is hard to go against, if they reunite I wish them well, don't say whether I approve or not."

Lai Goo said, she would prepare big laisee for her grandsons.  Quintus already knew how to say Grandma and Grandpa.  Would she urge her daughter Jennifer Tse Ting Ting to wed?  Lai Goo said that she did not want to but could not help but say that the Year of the Dragon will have a lot of joyous events.

Chairman Chou was very confident that the box office will reach 400 million; would he truly not make a sequel?  He said, "Absolutely not, I have to properly rest.  When I directed and starred myself it was both comfortable and award winning, how great was that!"  Would he ask rumored girlfriend Hannah Quinlivan (Kwun Ling) as the female lead?  Chairman Chou said that he did not want to find someone in the business as he hoped for freshness.  Otherwise he would ask Kwai Lun-Mei because they have not worked together for awhile.  Did he have a script yet?  Chairman Chou would like to shoot at the end of March.  Originally he thought about a magic film but THE GREAT MAGICIAN (DAI MOR SHOOK SI) has already used the subject first.

Would SECRET 2 be made?  Chairman Chou said, "It should be the end of the year, but I can't tell what the secret would be."  Reporters joked that his girlfriend was something that could not be told, Chairman Chou smiled without answering.  Would he like to work with Brigitte Lin (Lam Ching Ha)?  He admitted that he asked Andrew Lau Wai Keung to introduce them, but he did not know whether she would be willing.  However he still was very happy that she has seen SECRET (BUT NUNG SHUET DIK BEI MUK).  Would he truly not work with Hannah Quinlivan?  Chairman Chou said, "The best would be asking friends of opposite sex who won't lead to rumors.  (But she really is a girlfriend?)  We are just friends.  (Are you dating?)  Dating in the movies."

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