Thursday, January 19, 2012


Lynn Xiong, Kelly Chen, Sandra Ng Kwan Yu and other ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 stars appeared on a TVB Entertainment News program as well
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming, Louis Koo Tin Lok and Kelly Chen Wai Lam appeared on Cable Entertainment News Lunar New Year program and had a Lunar New Year meal with the anchors.  Goo Jai even pan fried New Year cakes and turnip cakes.  At first he was a little clumsy, burning a few pieces because he had the heat on too high.  Later Kelly gave him some advice and he got more and more familiar.

Speaking of their Lunar New Year family traditions, Goo Jai said that his family was very traditional.  On the Lunar New Year's Eve they had to worship and bathe with pummelo leaves, on the Lunar New Year he had to say New Year greetings to his parents.  On the Lunar 2nd they would have the first meal of the year and pick a lucky time for worship.  The schedule was tighter than a production's.  He continued, "Every year during the Lunar New Year visits, my relatives' children would play with me.  If I made a wuxia film that year I was done for, everyone would treat me like I really knew kung fu, grab me and hit me."  Kelly revealed that Shrimp Dumpling Kid already knew how to make the New Year greeting gesture but not how to say "Gung Hei Fat Choi" yet.  She said it was almost time to teach him.  Kelly also said that she would cut Shrimp Dumpling Kid's hair, but she was reluctant to cut it too short because long hair matched the shape of his face.  For the child to sit still for the hair cut, Kelly had to use cartoons, books and even the vacuum cleaner because he did not like to see hair.  Thus every time she cut his hair she would take two days.

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