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DWELLING IN THE FUCHUN MOUNTAINS earlier held a global press conference in Atlantis the Palm Dubai with over 50 media outlets in attendance.  Chinese consul general in Dubai Zhan Jingbao, film director Sun Jianjun, American director Bob Brown along with stars Andy Lau Tak Wa, Zhang Jingchu and Lin Chiling also attended.

Director of a Beijing Olympics promotional film Sun Jianjun said, "Dubai like China is often misunderstood as somewhere dirty and messy.  China film for the first time display modern methods, techniques and trendy quality to viewers of China and other nations."  Zhang Jingchu's fluent English received media compliments.  She said, "Actually it feels like a dream.  Yesterday I saw the beautiful Persian Gulf outside, I posted online that I could only arrive here on a magic carpet."  Due to the temperature difference between Beijing and Dubai, Lin Chiling was not well enough to speak, but her elegant appearance and sweet smile earned consolation from friends in the media.

Reporters asked Lau Tak Wa about change of pace at work and in life.  Wa Jai said, "My life hasn't changed much because my personal life and work are separate.  Work is a very important part of life, so I would put a lot of effort into this area."  When asked since this film was an Eastern spy film would it be compared to 007 or MISSION IMPOSSIBLE GHOST PROTOCOL, Wa Jai said, "This film is such a large production, the directors' efforts including our other director' bringing many many new things from the U.S.  I don't know whether it can compare to foreigners', but we would make a very, very special spy film with our own specialty."  Sun Jianjun added, "In the first 30 years, Mr. Lau was a mix of Tom Cruise and Michael Jackson.  Maybe in the last 30 years he will be Sean Connery."  Wa Jai said, "I hope even more that I am myself."

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