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The Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) and Lin Peng starred film THE VIRAL FACTOR (YIK JIN) received Malay police department's flight team support as they shot at the Police flight team headquarter and borrowed several helicopters and pilots.  They even had 7 police officers who personally performed.  Ting Fung and Chairman Chou had to perform a series of stunts on the helicopter.  Chairman Chou was frightened when the helicopter suddenly flew on its side.  Because at the time he did not put on his seat belt and the cockpit door was not closed, if he did not tightly hold on he definitely would have been flying.  Ting Fung pointed out that when he helped Lin Peng to the helicopter he almost had an accident and flew out of the helicopter.  Lin Peng said, "The three of us were in the helicopter and had to mind our safety while delivery our lines and act.  At the time the helicopter rolled on its side, something fell and was about to fly out, I quickly fixed it.  When the helicopter went sideways, I was careless and was tossed up.  Luckily Chairman Chou and Ting Fung grabbed me fast!"

In addition, director Dante Lam Chiu Yin revealed that Tse Ting Fung in a crying scene could not stop crying, perhaps he had too much suppressed that had to be released.  Chow Kit Lun said that he was 33, people could call him brother but not uncle.

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