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Eric Tsang Chi Wai and Raymond Wong Pak Ming exchanged fire for the third Lunar New Year in a row, but Chi Wai won all three years.  This year he even won from the beginning to the end.  Two nights ago at
the celebration and the New Spring visit, Tsang Chi Wai even presented the "Universe Nemesis" to Stanley Fung Shui Fan (Gung Gor) who performed for two years in a row.  He said that completely because of him "the Strongest in the Universe" Donnie Yen Chi Tan was defeated, but Gung Gor said that those words scared him.  He worried that they would insult someone and said that after the event he would have to immediately fly out of Hong Kong.

I LOVE HONG KONG 2012 two days ago broke 15 million at the box office.  Two nights ago a New Year group visit and a celebration took place.  Tsang Chi Wai, Fung Shui Fan, Bosco Wong Chung Chak, Teresa Mo Shun Kwan and others attended.  Due to the third Lunar New Year victory in a row over Wong Pak Ming, Chi Wai wrote "Universe Nemesis" and presented the words to Gung Gor as he had fun at the expense of ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2011 (BAK SING PO HEI)'s "Strongest in the Universe" Yen Chi Tan.  Chi Wai said, "Over these two years Gung Gor helped a lot.  Gung Gor took care of 'the Strongest in the Universe' over these two years, one against ten your salary should be worth several tens of
millions.  Next time I will make IP MAN 4 with you."  Gung Gor could not turn it down fast enough.  "I am not sure what you are saying, right now I am a little scared.  I didn't say any of that!  Right after this I am taking a flight out!"

Later Gung Gor said that he was in Taiwan so he did not know about the box office.  Did he know who Yen Chi Tan was?  He joked, "I know, if I don't I would die even faster!"  He also said that the success of a movie was not due to just one person, the credit went to the entire group.  No one could say that it all depended on him, no one should joke about that.  Chi Wai said, "You won with a lot of room to spare.  When you were on top, Who knew where Chi Tan was."  Was Gung Gor very embarrassed?  He said, "No, I am only afraid that someone would be insulted."  Chi Wai also said, "With writing like that, Chi Tan next year will work for Wong Pak Ming for free just to win some bragging right back!"  Chi Wai later would make five or six films for Shaw.  Will he ask Gung Gor?  He said, "How can I do it without him, whenever we are against Chi Tan I have to get him."

Chi Wai also said that actually this year was a real victory over Wong Pak Ming.  The first year Wong Pak Ming won at first, later with more people going he barely won.  The second time at first they were tied but he finally won.  This year he won from the beginning to the end.  Chi Wai said, "This time was risky because I used TVB artists, no comparison to his big stars."  Speaking of Clifton Ko Chi Sum's criticism of current Lunar New Year films as "lacking choices", Chi Wai said, "He has already left this circle, he is working on a Lunar New Year play.  Even if he comes back he would be behind because the comedy is already different. However I would welcome him to join the fray next year.  (Yet he would only work with his girlfriend Perry Chiu Woon?)  I would cast Chiu Woon.  Actually Chiu Woon is very playful, I asked her to take part in THE TRIO DELIGHTS every time.  It's a waste for her to be just on the stage, Ko Chi Sum shouldn't have the monopoly."  Wheat Bread complained that Chi Wai last year promised everyone a vacation but has yet to come through.  Chi Wai said, "This year we have a chance, maybe in Japan!  (Next Lunar New Year will you compete with Wong Pak Ming?)  I will!  Competition is good."

Teresa Mo Shun Kwan two nights ago attended the I LOVE HONG KONG 2012 (2012 NGOR OI HK HEI SEUNG GA HEI) Lunar New Year group visit and celebration.  She was very happy about the ideal box office but she had reservations about whether she will participate again next year.  Has she and her family seen the film?  She said that she would wait for the video before watching it with her family because she worried that her youngest daughter would not understand and would ask her to explain.  Was she talking about the sexy scene?  She admitted, "Yes, I am a little scared, so I have to watch and explain at home."

Sister Mo revealed that later she will rest for awhile and will not work on a series.  She will have to move and go with her daughter to look for a school in Canada.  She said, "Moving to me is a big deal in life because every time I moved I got sick.  I even had to go to a hospital, maybe because I was in too much of a hurry.  This time I don't want to have such a hard time.  I am older too, I worry that I won't just go to the hospital but have to stay there.  I hope to move slowly."  Sister Mo has one more year before going to the university.  Because her daughter is a Canadian citizen, she will return to study there.  This year she will look for schools for her there.

Sister Mo's husband Tony Au Ting Ping's birthday will be on February 6, they originally planned to celebrate in Japan.  Yet they heard radiation rumors from friends and told her not to go to Tokyo.  If something happened, the Japanese government would hide it.  Thus she decided to cancel her trip.  yet Chi Wai planned to take the cast to Japan.  Sister Mo said, "If it's Chi Wai's treat, I would risk my life."

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