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The film NEW PERFECT TWO (SUN TIN SUN YUT DUI) two nights ago held its Taipei premiere.  Director Kevin Chu Yen Ping led stars Vic Chou Yu Man, Ella and Benny (Siu Siu Bun) in attendance.  Many artists came to show their support, like Vivian Hsu (Tsui Yeuk Suen), Terri Kwan Wing, Tsang Bo Yi, Joseph Chang Hau Huen and others.  Earlier Tsui Yeuk Suen announced the passing of her grandfather.  Two nights ago she was dressed in black and wore sunglasses.  Reporters consoled her but she did not respond before leaving.

In the poster, Benny was on Jai Jai's shoulders.  Two nights ago reporters asked Benny to do it again, but Benny was afraid of heights and declined.  Later with everyone's encouragement Benny agreed.  This was Ella's first female lead role.  Did she also invited her friends?  She admitted that she hoped all of her friends would show their support and thanked fans for booking shows.  As for Hebe and Selina, she pointed out that Hebe was not in Taiwan.  For Selina's safety, she would ask the director to provide a super VIP room for her to enjoy the film in.  Chu Yen Ping agreed.

Did Jai Jai invited his fellow F4 members?  Jai Jai said that he made brief contact with the other three.  Ken Chu Hau Tin was in Hengdian, Jerry Yan (Yin Sing Yuk) was overseas, and Vanness Wu (Ng Kin Ho) had to work.  However Ng Kin Ho was with Jay Chou (Chow Kit Lun) earlier?  Jai Jai did not mind.  "Because with good films, good friends like us should have this kind of spirit and stand up for each other."  Jai Jai worked with Benny for the first time.  Was he very patient with children ordinarily?  Jai Jai said in the film he not necessarily would, only with Benny he was particularly patient because he was a child.  Would he make
Benny his god son?  Jai Jai said that they were better off as sworn brothers.  With the impending Lunar New Year, Ella will be at home with her family.  Every year she would spend it in Taiwan.  This year she will see NEW PERFECT TWO with her parents.

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