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Raymond Lam
Myolie Wu
Hosts MC Jin, Eric Tsang, Astrid Chan
Alfred Hui, Hacken Lee, Mag Lam

Kelly Cheung
Cheryl Wee
Lenna Lin
Rebecca Zhu would miss her friends

Jasmine Hayter
Angel Wang
Tsui Siu Keung's daughter Erica Chui does not land in the top ten
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First runner up Cheryl Wee, Miss Chinese International  Kelly Cheung, Second Runner Up Lenna Lim
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The 2012 Miss Chinese International Pageant took place last night at the Tseung Kwan O Television City.  The title went to the Chicago representative, candidate 11 Kelly Cheung Hei Man.  The first runner up was the Singapore representative Cheryl Wee (Wong Hing Wai) and the second runner up was the Fala Chen look a like Kuala Lumpur representative Lenna Lim (Lam Ka Bing).  She also won "Asia Pacific Modern Glamour Award" and "Miss Cosmopolitan".  Hong Kong representative Rebecca Zhu won the "Greater China Classic Elegance Award".

Last night Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Astrid Chan Chi Ching and MC Jin were the hosts, the judges were Michael Tse Tin Wa, Myolie Wu Hung Yi, Angela Leong On Ki, Kwok Law Kwai Chun, and Lam Man Kit.  The program began with a Raymond Lam Fung music number that led 28 candidates into their self introduction.  Then the candidates were divided into the Asia Pacific Region, the Europe America Region and the Greater China Region.  Each region had a newly added award.  The Asia Pacific Modern Glamor Award went to the Kuala Lumpur representative Lenna Lim, the Europe America Vitality award went to candidate 15 New York representative Jasmine Hayter (Hoi Lei Ling) and the Greater China Classic Elegance Award went to candidate 26 Hong Kong representative Rebecca Zhu.

After the swimsuit competition, "Miss Congeniality" went to candidate 17 Toronto representative Ashton Hong (Hung Mei San).  Miss Cosmopolitan went to Lenna Lim.  Then ten semifinalists were announced.  Chi Wai added to the intense and made the candidates announced the last five.  Candidate 19 Vancouver representative Erica Chui whose father is Tsui Siu Keung was not in top ten, which included Bianca Lam, Biliya Wiriyapan, Lenna Lim, Aliya Fan, Cheryl Wee, Kelly Cheung, Roro Chen, Jasmine Hayter, Maggie Yu, and Rebecca Zhu.  The top ten candidates with advice from guest host Sammy either raised their hands or picked a number to answer a question.  Guest performers Hacken Lee Hak Kun after performing with Mag Lam Yun Tung and Alfred Hui Kin Hung announced the top three.  First he announced the second runner up, then Kelly Cheung and Cheryl Wee made their final campaign for votes.  Both were teary eyed and affected many candidates back stage.  Finally the five judges raised signs to indicate the winner.  The funniest was Tse Tin Wa who turned into Laughing as he took out a coin to toss.  Finally Kelly Cheung won 3-2.

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