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Sandra Ng Kwan Yu, Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam), Chapman To Man Jat earlier promoted their Lunar New Year film ALL'S WELL ENDS WELL 2012 (BAK SING PO HEI).  Co-star Kelly Chen Wai Lam became pregnant during the shoot.  With many female artists' good news in the business, would Kwan Yu plan for a Dragon baby?  Kwan Yu said that a good friend once recommended her to visit a Chinese medicine practitioner to recover but not for having a child; she joked that Lee Lam Lam would be her target.  She said, "I am too old, I have too much pressure, back then I succeeded after trying for four months.  During the pregnancy I lost most of Calcium and Ossein, losing the weight took me two years."

Does her daughter want a companion?  Kwan Yu joked that Peter Chan Ho Sun used to lie to her daughter that she had a little sister.  Now Kwan Yu often asked her daughter whether she knew her "little sister" was in the Mainland or Thailand?  Kwan Yu said that she thought about a surrogate or adoption, but adoption took a long time and she had limited energy.

Would Hung Doi Lam have a child?  She said that she still has not made enough money.  She thought girls should save more money first.  In the future if she did not work she could have more of a say.  When asked whether Aaron Kwok Fu Sing was chauvinistic and did not permit her to talk, she said no.  They got along like ordinary people.  Lynn said that in the future when she will wed she absolutely will not sneak around.  She thought that a joyous event should not be hidden and hoped that everyone would wish them well and accept them.  She liked children but she already had two dogs at home.  Were the dogs' last names Kwok?  She joked that for now they were still Xiong.  Later it would depend on what the last name of "Papa" will be.  Earlier she brought her parents to see Sing Sing in concert, like meeting the parents.  Were her parents
satisfied with this "son in law"?  Lynn immediately awkwardly stated that her parents had a lot of fun but did not have much comment. Lynn and Ah Jat in the film had a kiss scene.  She said that it was just a peck, but she could not accept bed scenes.  Before her intimate scenes she did not have to report to Sing Sing in advance.

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