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Deanie Ip Tak Han and Andy Lau Tak Wa earlier appeared on a TVB Entertainment News channel interview with anchor Luisa Lai Chi San.  Ip Tak Han and Lau Tak Wa with the film A SIMPLE LIFE (TOH JEH) received the 48th Golden Horse Award for Best Actress and Best Actor.  Sister Deanie admitted that she was very excited.  She pointed out that when she won the audience's applause was endless.  At first she thought the boss (Wa Jai) spent a lot of money on audience applause to create the atmosphere.  Later she realized that this film received the foreign audience's recognition.

The film talked about the subject of life and death.  Sister Deanie supported euthanasia very much and hoped human could leave this world with dignity.  Wa Jai pointed out that everyone has to experience death.  He urged everyone not to take their lives lightly.  After making this film, he understood the moral of loving while there was time and should care more about elders.  During the interview, they kept trading compliments.  Sister Deanie said Wa Jai was very perfect, someone who respected himself and also kept improving himself.  Wa Jai also praised her tolerant personality to be even better than before, from her he has learned a lot about life.

Speaking of Wa Jai's impending fatherhood, Sister Deanie pointed out that that day Wa Jai personally called to give her the good news.  She could not have been happier, but because she was in a crowd she could not be too excited.  She only asked him to be careful.  After getting home she immediately screamed, "Yeah".  She also pointed out that Wa Jai would definitely be a kind father and spoil the child.  Wa Jai said that he was very nervous and would spend more time with his family.

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