Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Mak Cheung Ching, Wilson Chin, Eric Tsang, Susan Shaw, Samantha Ko, Stanley Fung
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The Lunar New Year film I LOVE HONG KONG 2012 (2012 NGOR OI HK HEI SEUNG GA HEI) last night held an audience appreciation event at the Causeway Bay Times Square UA cinema with artists Eric Tsang Chi Wai, Samantha Ko Hoi Ning, Stanley Fung Shui Fan and Mak Cheung Ching.  Last night was also this UA cinema's final day of operation.  Chi Wai said that it was no big deal as it will only relocate upstairs.  As for the current location being rented to a high end retail store, Chi Wai pointed out that it proved Hong Kong tourism was doing well.  Did he feel that they had too many high end retail stores?  He pointed out that different people spent differently, taking care of everyone would be the best.  He said that Europe and Japan high end stores did poor business, but Hong Kong was doing well.  Of course it was better for tourists to come to Hong Kong than elsewhere.

Did Ko Hoi Ning's first love take place at this cinema?  She said that it was not here, but at the time she went to a movie with a guy and started dating.  Ko Hoi Ning was sorry that last night was this cinema's final day.  Fung Shui Fan said that he did not have much memory of this cinema because at his time the cinema screens were enormous.  Now many were mini cinemas so he did not go to the movies.  He also said that now the television screen was huge and not much different from going to the movies.  However he would miss it a little.  Mak Cheung Ching said that he had many memories of this cinemas because he often attended premieres.  He also came to the movies here.  He said that when he was little cinemas were much larger, only when watching with many people would the movie have atmosphere and a sense of resonance.  He believed now cinemas had a hard time and hoped that in the future fewer would close.  The best would be a cinema in every district.

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