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Julian Cheung wants both bed scenes and bonus
DaDa Chan, Julian Cheung, Raymond Wong, Louis Koo, Ada Choi
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The film S STORM (S FUNG BO) has just been released and already it has made HK$ 250 million in Hong Kong, Macau and China. Last night the film company held a celebration. Stars Julian Cheung Chi Lam, Louis Koo Tin Lok, Ada Choi Siu Fun, DaDa Chan Jing, Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung and boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming attended. Goo Jai heard the boss had intention to make a third film. Chilam said that he could play a vegetable, but would such a great job exist?

Koo Tin Lok was very happy about the box office performance, but he did not have any expectation in advance. Ultimately he would have been happy with any good performance. He also revealed that he heard the boss' intention about a third film, probably with the original team. As for Chilam's character, Goo Jai said, "Actually Chilam's character didn't have an official ending." Would Goo Jai become an investor too? He did not answer directly.

Speaking of the New World group founder Cheng Yui Tung passing away two nights ago, Goo Jai was surprised and asked it was true. He said that he has never met Uncle Tung. Has he bought his stocks and properties? Goo Jai said that he very rarely bought stocks and never bought any of the property that Uncle Tung's company built.

Speaking of the film's good performance, Chilam said that he had to congratulate boss Raymond Wong Pak Ming. Did he get any bonus? He said, "Not for this one, but I did for some movies. For my company's movies I would. (Next time when you negotiate the film contract you could include a bonus?) That would be the best, the more the better, I wouldn't mind just getting a little either." Would he make another one? Chilam said that he would have to ask the boss. Even if he would he would not have time on his schedule until second half of next year, because he would have to make movies and a Mainland reality show. If the story was reasonable he could make another one. Chilam joked, "Would I play a vegetable? (You would be shooting the movie lying down, with the bonus you would greater benefit?) Does such a good job exist under Heaven?" Today Chilam would have to go to Shanghai with his wife Anita Yuen Wing Yi for a reality show.

After learning that the box office exceeded HK$ 200 million Ada kept saying she was very happy. Because she has not made a movie in a very long time, she was very happy about such a performance. As for a bonus, she joked, "Probably definitely not, we get to share everyone's joy and reward. The Mainland response was great. This is the highest grossing film in my career."

Ada also said that she has already confirmed to work on TVB's INBOUND TROUBLES 3. She said, "I made room on my schedule between November and January for the series. Cho Lam said that he couldn't talk about my character yet. On Jai (Roger Kwok) and I will play a couple, I am the second choice. I am just joking, the character will be different. The original team will play the other characters. I am very humble, the most important is to be happy and have fun." Ada pointed out that she will work with On Jai again after AT THE THRESHOLD OF AN ERA (CHONG SAI GEI II). Coincidentally she also worked with Goo Jai again on this film after that series.

While she would be working on the TVB series would she have to make room on her schedule to make real money? She said, "I have my heart set on coming back, the producer probably would make time for me. However some of the projects might not be able to wait for my schedule. I win some and lose some. It doesn't matter. I won't regret my decision." Ada also revealed that she returned for the series to repay a debt, because earlier she owed TVB two series. After INBOUND 3 her contract would end. However she was happy about being able to use original sound ot make a series.

Speaking of Uncle Tung's passing, did Ada know him? She said, "Few people in Hong Kong wouldn't know Brother Tung. When I heard the news I was very sad. Personally I didn't know him, but I have rented an apartment in New World and went to Chow Tai Fook to buy gold."

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