Sunday, October 16, 2016


Derek Wong, Grace Lam
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Grace Lam Nga Sze, Derek Wong Kin Tung, Samuel Kwok Fung and Taddy Ng Ho Leung attended their new film SHE WILL BE LOVED (FA YU TA)'s production start ceremony. The new film will shoot on location in Southeast Asia for 20 days. Grace said that she has not left her son for so many days and worried that he would not be used to it. With the sun and the sand, would she bring more swimsuits for the shoot? She admitted, "I will bring 10, when I have time I will go swimming."

Wong Kin Tung earlier in the TVB series INSPECTOR GOURMET kissed Mat Yeung Ming and online gay rumors surfaced about him. He said, "I am not, but it's good for people to think that. It proves that I can only be funny and weird. The most important is for people to notice." Grace said that her son was a Wong Kin Tung fan and kept repeatedly watching his comedy short films.

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