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Sammo Hung and Louis Koo fly to Thailand for the worship ceremony
Wu Yue, Tony Jaa, Chris Collins, director Wilson Yip
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The new film PARADOX (TAM LONG) yesterday held a worship ceremony in Bangkok. Directors Wilson Yip Wai Shun and Sammo Hung Kam Bo, actors Louis Koo Tin Lok, Tony Jaa, Wu Yue, Chris Collins, Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Ken Low Wai Kwong, producers Soi Cheang Po Shui and Paco Wong attended. Goo Jai said that he did not mind playing a father and showed a caring side with his daughter.

With the SPL 2 (SAT POR LONG 2) team, PARADOX stars Koo Tin Lok and Tony Jaa. "Big Brother Big" Hung Kam Bo will be th action director. With the Central Drama Academy graduate, Mainland action actor Wu Yue and the 9 year Marine veteran Chris Collins, the story and the scenes will be even more exciting and fresh in order to make this film into another eye catching action series.

In PARADOX Koo Tin Lok will play a negotiation expert. After an argument his 16 year old daughter leaves home and disappears in Thailand. Goo Jai flies there to find her whereabouts. Although he has help from Tony Jaa and Wu Yue, he runs into mob organ sale mastermind Chris Collins. Everyone thus begins close combat and chase. Rarely playing a father, would Goo Jai mind having a 16 year old daughter? He said, "I don't mind, but in reality if I have a 16 year old daughter, and she has relations with someone too soon then I would mind." Because the shoot will take time, Goo Jai will probably spend a hot Christmas in Thailand.

Studying martial art since age 5, Wu Yue was very excited after learning that he would be able to work with Tony Jaa in the film. "In the film Tony and I will be friends, we will have no chance to fight. I mainly will fight with Chris Colllins. Yet when I see Tony and others fight, he jumps very high, very agile, he is amazing!" Wu Yue also was excited about working with Goo Jai, who has always been his idol. Thus with this chance to work together, earlier when they met for the first time he could not wait to ask for a photo together.

As for Chris who will have a lot of scenes with Tony Jaa, he said that he learned a lot from him. "Making a movie and real fighting are very different. Now I have to fight and act, the directors sometimes say that my action is too fast. Tony really knows how to grasp the pace of every punch thrown and even coordinates with acting. I really need to learn that."

On the other hand, playing a presidential candidate Lam Ka Tung said that this character will have a lot of "room to perform". The reason is he will need to learn Thai! Standing next to Ka Tung, Low Wai Kwong screamed "Ho Song" and everyone was baffled. Brother Kwong explained that it was Thai for "I will teach".

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