Tuesday, October 18, 2016


Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark feel Yao Chen's pregnant belly
Stephen Chow, Huang Bo, Lin Gengxin, Tsui Hark
courtesy of on.cc

The Stephen Chow Sing Chi directed JOURNEY TO THE WEST made 1.2 billion RMB in the Mainland two years ago during the Lunar New year. He will produce the Tsui Hark directed Sequel with Mainland actress Yao Chen, Kris Wu Yifan as the Venerable Tang Monk and Lin Gengxin as Sun Wukong. Yesterday Lin Gengxin posted a photo with Sing Yeh, Huang Bo, and director Tsui Hark. Sing Yeh, Huang Bo and Lin Gengxin have all played Sun Wukong. Thus Lin Gengxin wrote, "The first day of JOURNEY TO THE WEST voice work, all the Wukong had an unscheduled meeting."

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