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Chin Siu Ho and Ti Lung
Louisa So and Johnson Lee play a couple in the film
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Johnson Lee's directing debut YUT GA DAI SAI (RUN OF THE HOUSE) started production yesterday. Actor Tommy Tam (Ti Lung), Yuen Qiu, Chin Siu Ho, Louisa So Yuk Wa, Andrew Lam Man Chung, Fion Qian (Chin Ying) and two child stars Marcus Lo (Law Tsz Lung) and Ho Wing Yiu attended the worship ceremony.

Ti Lung this time grew facial hair to play Johnson Lee's father. Before working together Brother Lung's impression of Johnson was someone who was impulsive and liked to be funny. However after working together he felt that he was rather motivated, serious and careful, passionate and ambitious about film. Thus he would not need advice from him, as he would "live and learn".

Would he need to be funny in this comedy? Brother Lung lamented about the current Hong Kong society. "It would be necessary. Lately I have read a lot of reports and felt that the society has too many frustrations and grievances, which Hong Kong people do not need or want. Many are righteous enough. I am used to make wu xia films and am rather receptive to Master Kwan and Uncle Shek Kin's loyalty and ethics. Yet young people now only dare to speak. I would advise, 'The ability to speak doesn't make a real gentleman, kindness makes a big man'. They should live and prosper with the society and enjoy life. The society gives you a duty, you have to have a sense of responsibility. You shouldn't destroy the society and act up, which are unnecessary. Since young people have taken a step forward, they should walk even more steadily and leave the troubles before. I dare to say this here."

Johnson Lee praised Ti Lung's sense of humor and was even mischievous. Earlier he appeared on his program as a guest he even spoke French. Johnson said, "Brother Lung's golden quotes are even more amazing that Old Lai (Leon Lai Ming)'s. So the film would use them."

So Yuk Wa would play a couple with Johnson. Johnson said that when he made his first series 16 years ago, Ah So played his wife. Thus he could never forget it. Ah So joked, "So you are using your directing debut for personal gains, but I also thank you for bringing me into the film world!" Would he arrange for intimate scenes with Ah So? Johnson admitted that he arranged for hugs and kisses, but they would express the love of the family of four.

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