Thursday, October 20, 2016


Fruit Chan and Annie Liu study the results of the mold
Max Zhang has been working out for the film
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Raymond Wong Pak Ming's Pegasus Motion Pictures will invest HK$ 150 million in the Fruit Chan Gor directed new film GAU LUNG BUK BAI (INVINCIBLE KOWLOON). The film is planned for a production start at the end of the month. The film will have two selling points. Lead actress Annie Liu (Lau Sum yau) will abandon her mild mannered nice girl image of many years to play a tattooed Chinese medicine practitioner in the film. Sum Yau has already been fit for costume but still did not know where the tattoo will be.

In the new film the Max Zhang Jin played Hong Kong cop and Louis Koo Tin Lok played Macau Judiciary Police will work together to capture a criminal. Zhang Jin will have his share of action scenes. Actually his martial art action potential has already caught Wong Pak Ming's eyes long ago. He invited the internationally renowned MMA champion the Spider Anderson Silva to battle Zhang Jin for almost eight figures. The film reportedly will shoot in Hong Kong and Macau for two months.

The film will also add a lot of special effects. The actors before the shoot had molds made of themselves for post production effects. Zhang Jin will have a special effect dragon tattoo that will come to life and cost HK$ 10 million in production cost.

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