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Nicholas Tse: "If my company gets all the movies' post production work I'd be rich!"
Jung Yong-Hwa, Ge You and Nicholas Tse COOK UP A STORM
Chen Kaige works with his son Chen Feiyu behind the scene

Chen Yuang and Chen Feiyu have joined the film industry as "second generation directors"
Chen Kaige's film has already begun production in Hubei
Louis Koo (right) and Ma Li (second left) work on MIU SING YUN
Zhang Ziyi in WASTED TIME
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Emperor Motion Pictures will work with Mainland directors Chen Kaige, Jiang Wen and Feng Xiaogang as well as Best Actors and Best Actress to create its 1 billion yuan movie kingdom. Director Chen Kaige's YIU MAU JUEN (EVIL CAT LEGEND) took 6 years to prepare. Its cast will include Zhang Tianai and Kitty Zhang Yuqi. The production is expected to finish by the end of the year.

Jiang Wen worked with Emperor in 2007 with THE SUN ALSO RISES, then LET THE BULLETS FLY and GONE WITH THE BULLETS. This time they again worked together on HUP YIN (HIDDEN HERO), with Takeshi Kaneshiro being rumored to be its star. Kara Wai Ying Hung who also has a part in the film stated that Jiang Wen was a director and an actor she liked very much. She was very happy to have the chance to work with him and fulfill her dream of working with her idol.

Action film director Benny Chan Muk Sing will direct a family film MEOW (MAU SING YUN) with Louis Koo Tin Lok. In the story a cat arrives from a cat planet and meets the protagonist's family of four. Chan Muk Sing will also direct an action film, TIN MONG LUEN MUNG (HEAVENLY NET ALLIANCE) with Nicholas Tse Ting Fung, William Chan Wai Ting and other top young stars.

Emperor will also participate in the FOUNDING trilogy. After THE FOUNDING OF A REPUBLIC and THE FOUNDING OF A PARTY, the third film THE FOUNDING OF A MILITARY will be Jeff Lau Chun Wai directed and as star studded as its predecessors.

Director Feng Xiaogang will again work with Emperor on a mystery film project. Director Derek Kwok Chi Kin will direct the film adaptation of internet writer Ma Boyong's novel, GU DONG JU ZHONG JU, which was one of China's most influential novels of 2013 and Amazon China's top mystery novel.

Emperor will also work with Mainland directors with potential like Cheng Er and Guo Shuang. Cheng Er's first collaboration with Emperor will be THE WASTED TIMES with Ge You, Zhang Ziyi, Tadanobu Asnao, Gillian Chung Yun Tung and Yolanda Yuan Quan.

Guo Shuang's comedy MAD EBRIETY will star Ge You and Charlene Choi Cheuk Yin. Ge You will also produce for the first time. Ah Sa admitted that she was very happy about the chance to work with Ge You and looked forward to it very much. It will also be her first trip to Inner Mongolia.

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