Saturday, October 29, 2016


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Aaron Kwok declines to talk about how he spent his birthday but his smile gives him away
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Aaron Kwok Fu Sing last night attended his new film ONE NIGHT ONLY's premiere and was asked about old flame Lynn Xiong (Hung Doi Lam)'s marriage. Sing Sing replied, "I would sincerely congratulate any friend in the business for getting married, it's just that simple!" Would he wish Lynn well? He said, "Of course!"

As for the rumor that Sing Sing and his girlfriend went to shop for a ring in Shanghai, Sing Sing said that he would not talk about his personal life. Should reporters congratulate him? Sing Sing said, "Normally my work is already very colorful, I shared a lot. Thank you everyone for caring about my personal life and romantic world. I instead want to be low key with my personal matter!"

Will he announce his wedding in the future? Sing Sing said, "It's too early for that, I hope to keep working hard. I have been luckier with offers of good scripts and from good directors, but now I am very busy, very busy. Work will start today until the end of next year, so I hope to focus on work. I also hope to run into a good character and again break through myself."

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