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Don Li Yat Long, Shirley Yeung Szeki, Derek Wong Kin Tung, Tony Ho Wah Chiu, Susan Shaw Yam Yam and Fanny Lee Man Fun yesterday attended their new film YEH MAI CHONG (NIGHT HIDE AND SEEK)'s production start ceremony. Don said that this would be his second film investment, the total of which was in seven figures. It even had advertising sponsors, so it was more relaxing than the first.

YEH has three stories. Don and Yeung Szeki perform in one called YEH BOON CHAI HAU MOON (WIFE KNOCKS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT). Why did he choose to make a supernatural film? Don said, "Because supernatural films are Hong Kong culture. Ghosts are fictional, but they have been scaring me since I was little." He also said that he would direct one of the stories with a lot of bloody scenes. He spent several thousand on fake blood alone. He felt fortunate that the production has gone smoothly and without any supernatural event. However the production has been tough and they were tired out of their minds. Was he confident that he would make the money back? Don confidently said, "The film is pretty low budget, it wouldn't be hard to make back. If we make a profit, everyone gets a bonus." He also revealed that today he will make a third film in the Mainland. He has been very pleased with this year's performance so far.

Playing a female ghost for the first time, Yeung Szeki said that she has wanted to play one for a long time. She was scared but she wanted to play one anyway, because she liked ghost films. She thought this time was very fresh. Did she get any lai see? She said no, because she was already dead when the story began. Szeki revealed that the film required a lot of special effect make up as she played a very scary ghost. Some people could not even recognize her, but the special make up gave her a reaction all over her face. Did her costume scare her daughter? Szeki said, "Luckily ach time I went home she was already asleep. Once I wore a costume home. In the lobby I told people not to be afraid, as I haven't removed my make up yet. Co-workers told me to take a taxi home, but which taxi would be willing to pick me up dressed like this. I still drove myself home." Would she let her daughter watch horror films? She said that they might not be suitable for children.

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