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Xanadu studies Muay Thai and offers to be an action actress
Nick Ip, Gill Mohinderpaul Singh, Sam Leong, Xanadu, Kiwi Yuen promote TOURNAMENT 2
Sam Leong
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Artists Xanadu Wu Xiaoxiao, Kiwi Yuen Kit Yee, Nick Ip Ka Bo and director Samuel Leong Sing Chi yesterday attended the film TOURNAMENT 2 (GIK DAU 2)'s premiere in Kowloon Tong. Sam announced a third installment. Xanadu wanted to join the new film and said that she would learn Muay Thai for action films. She revealed that most of her recent jobs required her to be less sexy but she said that she has never minded being that. She also wanted to learn kung fu. "Earlier when I worked with Sam Gor on LADY Z (SI SIU JEH) I played a dance escort but I still didn't have to be sexy. Now with fight scenes I could easily be bruised all over. So I want to learn Muay Thai for the fight scenes."

Playing a teacher, Yuen Kit Yee after making the film regained her acting confidence. Earlier signing a year contract with TVB she revealed that she made two new series. She still had half a year left and hoped to renew her contract. "I hope more producers and directors can use former ATV people like us. I am very grateful!" Would living in Guangzhou be inconvenient for her unstable series production schedule? She revealed that once after work she missed her ride to Guangzhou so she did not even get to change. She also said that she would "brain wash" her husband for him to accept that she would not return home due to work.

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