Thursday, October 6, 2016


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Chen Chen has survived two cancer battles
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Famous Taiwan star Chen Chen after removing a tumor from her stomach 6 years ago recently was rumored to have skin cancer. Luckily she caught it early and had surgery in the U.S.

According to Taiwan media reporters, Chen Chen earlier went to the U.S. for surgery. She said to the media, "Thank you for your concern, I had a minor surgery on my arm. I just changed the dressing on the wound, it couldn't hurt more. I took a lot of pain killers but they were still useless." The surgery took over three hours. Her son Jeremy Liu was with her the entire time. Chen Chen had a bug bite years ago, but her wound never healed. Her doctors in Hong Kong and Taiwan never said it was skin cancer. Later when she went to a skin doctor in the U.S. and was diagnosed with skin cancer. Now she should be okay.

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