Monday, October 3, 2016


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Hazel Tong, Shirley Yeung, Jacky Cai
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Shirley Yeung Szeki, Jacky Cai Jie and Hazel Tong Chi Yui played police cadets in the film SPECIAL FEMALE FORCE (LAT GAING BA WONG FA) and had a series of fight and gun fight scenes, injuries were inevitable. Yeung Szeki and Cai Jie during their explosion scenes injured their fingers while holding their guns. Yeung Szeki said, "When I was in so much pain I lost consciousness, I thought my thumb was broken. The director hasn't yelled cut yet so I didn't dare to say anything. I toughed it out and finished the scene, luckily it wasn't broken. It was already red and swollen." A gun hit Cai Jie's finger and she was bleeding. Tong Chi Yui was not hurt from the gun fight scenes but almost fainted. She said, "Holding a gun for a movie was very cool, but you have to pay the price. Under the blazing sun, I was holding a heavy machine gun during a chase, had eight to nine bad takes and almost fainted."

Although she suffered, Yeung Szeki said that she still would like the chance to make an action film. She also denied that she got buff for the film. "I didn't train, maybe at the time my daughter was still little and needed to be carried; over time it kicked in. In addition I was lean to begin with, getting muscular was easy. If someone asks me to make an action film again, I would train secretly to 6 to 8 pack abdominal muscles."

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