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Him Him goes to the market so Tavia Yeung can rest in the car
After grocery shopping the new couple rushes home for hot pot casserole
Him Him spends HK$ 300 on beef to replenish his energy
Tavia Yeung empties a glass all by herself, can she take it?
Charmaine Sheh leaves with a security escort

Paging all HIPPOCRATIC CRUSH cast members
Sisley Choi grabs the new couple for a photo
Mat Yeung keeps on feeding Jacquelin Chong and makes his girlfriend Lisa Ch'ng jealous
Jeannie Chan
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The couple was so tired that they missed their wedding night
The groom goes Rilakkuma
During the wedding registration signing, Mother Yeung holds Him Law's hands tightly and says, "My daughter is in your hands now, take good care of her."

Bride Tavia Yeung touches Kay Tse's belly for good luck

Joe Ma, Tavia Yeung,Charmaine Sheh and Him Law
Raymond Lam needs a hand from the crew when leaving but is still alert during interviews
Ah Sheh needs help from friends when she leaves
Ron Ng and Vincent Wong do their part and drink for the groom
Akina Hong catches the bridal bouquet
Natalie Tong and boyfriend Tony Hung 
Him Law posts photos of his 6 year courtship with Tavia Yeung
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The couple show off their wedding rings the morning after the wedding night

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Him Law and Tavia Yeung even demonstrate "woodpecker kisses"

The wedding rings symbolize "to old and gray"
Him Law dresses up in a bear suit and serenades Tavia Yeung
Tavia Yeung is moved to tears when talking about her sister 

Myolie Wu and her husband
Ada Choi and husband Max Zhang
Frankie Lam and wife Kenix Ho

Him Law uses a karaoke tool to declare his love

The groom's party picks up Him Law and help him through a hula hoop
Quinn Ho, Kenneth Ma, Ron Ng, Pal Sinn, Vincent Wong are in the groom's party
Both groom and bridal parties congratulate Him Law on successfully picking up the bride
Tavia Yeung's sister Griselda, Natalie Tong, Meini Cheung, Akina Hong, Claire Yiu and Sire Ma are among the bridal party

Raymond Lam
Steven Ma
Roger Kwok and wife Cindy Au
Jessica Hester Hsuan
Wayne Lai and his wife
Moses Chan
Katy Kung, Mandy Wong
Michael Tse and his wife
Elaine Yiu and her boyfriend
Rosina Lam and her husband
Lisa Ch'ng, Yeung Ming
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Law Chung Him and Tavia Yeung hold a 52 table wedding banquet
Him Him and Yeung Yi kiss nonstop, he even reveals that they have already begun "making a person"
Love declaration: Him Law and Tavia Yeung hold hands to old age
Charmaine Sheh
Benny Chan Ho Man and his wife
Michelle Ye and her boyfriend
Louis Cheung jokes about taking his pregnant wife Kay Tse out on the town

Akina Hong clamps Pal Sinn's tongue
Natalie Tong says that the groom's party just keeps dragging it feet
Law Chung Him pick up the one bamboo and south tiles with his feet
Both groom Law Chung Him and Best Man Vincent Wong get their ears clamped
Bride Tavia Yeung tightly hugs her mother
Wedding favors for the guests
Groom party
Bridal party
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