Sunday, October 2, 2016


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The Dante Lam Chiu Yin directed new film OPERATION MEKONG starred Eddie Peng Yu-Yan and Best Actor Zhang Hanyu and was released on the Mainland "October 1st" golden slot. In two days the film already made over 100 million RMB at the box office and second only to the Deng Chao and Bai Baike starred romance I BELONGED TO YOU.

OPERATION's boss Yu Dong has planned a small celebration before and after the film's October 4th Hong Kong premiere. Lead actor Peng Yu-Yan also showed his appreciation online. "It was worth all the hard work." Lam Chiu Yin also was happy about the good word of mouth. "The film opened simultaneously in the Mainland and North America, a friend said that both New York Times and Los Angeles Times covered it. I felt the most important was for people to appreciate a good film. (Will you make a sequel?) Right now the problem is with the fate of Peng Yu-Yan's character. We can think about it, I want to work with the original team again."

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