Sunday, October 16, 2016


Eddie Peng in disguise
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The Eddie Peng Yu-Yan starred film OPERATION MEKONG made 900 million RMB at the Mainland box office as of yesterday, in Hong Kong it already passed HK$ 4.52 million. The film would finally break 1.2 billion RMB in a conservative estimate. The ending touched a raw nerve online. Director Dante Lam Chiu Yin in order to ease the fans' emotions earlier personally edited a two minute long "secret ending", the footage has not be released in its entirety. The scarred Eddie remained on duty overseas in disguise, through a mobile phone he stayed in contact with Zhang Hanyu. Zhang Hanyu also was reunited with his daughter. This new arrangement would absolutely bring tears.

Speaking of Eddie "ruining his image" with his disguise and being completely unrecognizable, Director Lam said, "I thought of 6 or 7 looks for him, the disguise took the most time. The make up took 4 hours to finish. (Are you laying the ground work for the sequel?) Everyone's schedule is very hard to coordinate, but at the night of the upcoming celebration the three of us can sit down together and study how to work together again."

Eddie and Zhang Hanyu earlier were interviewed together. When preparing for OPERATION in Thailand, the country was in a political turmoil. "We have to import prop guns for special training, which was too sensitive. My character was someone who escapes death, the more dangerous the environment was the easier it was to get into character. The performance was quite fun for me."

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