Friday, February 3, 2017


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Law Kar Ying yesterday went to the Ko Shan Theater for the Rising Stars 2017 worship ceremony and presented incense sticks faithfully with a group of Cantonese Opera new comers as they prayed for a smooth performance. Brother Kar Ying said that this time he would not have to perform, as he was only responsible to coordinate backstage. Next week he will head to Taiwan for a new film for a month and will not be able to celebrate Valentine's Day with his wife Liza Wang Ming Chuen.

RISING STAR 2017 would provide a platform for new comers to perform. Brother Kar Ying said that the entire preparation was not difficult, only that the new comers were so busy on their own that coming up with a schedule for them to perform together was the most difficult. Will he focus on behind the scene work from now on? Brother Kar Ying said, "No, I have to make a living too. Later I will go to Taiwan for a month for a new film. I will work with Taiwan actors and play a grandpa character." Brother Kar Ying said that Stephen Chow Sing Chi asked him to work together again, but they were both busy. He believed that destiny would definitely bring them together again. As for JOURNEY TO THE WEST: THE DEMONS STRIKE BACK's success, Brother Kar Ying joked that it had nothing to do with him. He even said, "If their movie were made with Hong Kong people it would have been better. Hong Kong directors with Hong Kong actors would have spark, and the movie would be more entertaining than with Mainland actors. Mainland directors might not work well with Hong Kong actors either."

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