Wednesday, February 8, 2017


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After his stroke Lee Siu Kay has to move around with a walker
Lee Siu Kay is used to playing bad guys
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The 67 year old Lee Siu Kay always played mobsters. Two years ago he suffered a stroke, due to a lack of mobility he had to stop working. In two years he spent all of his savings for treatment and has fallen onto financial hard times. Yesterday Lee Siu Kay spoke and responded slowly about his financial difficulties. "Actually I stop working after getting sick. Financial difficulties have always been there. The hardest was before the Lunar New Year. I couldn't even pay rent and the property owner filed suit to collect! I completely understand that what he did was right, luckily Sai Bo helped me so I had money to pay back the rent and take care of the matter."

Lee Siu Kay has always been honorable in the business. He stated that he helped many artist friends collect their back pay and take care of trouble. Yet now that he is ill he did not know to bother others. Even with an artist who owed him HK$ 200,000, he did not plan to collect the debt. He only hoped that his friends would save up when they were able to for a rainy day. Lee Siu Kay said that he only wanted to help and did not expect anything in return, but he would always remember people who helped him like Teresa Mak Ka Kei, Law Kar Ying and Johnnie To Kei Fung. They helped him in times of trouble and thus they was very thankful for them.

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