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Michelle Wai weighs 105 pounds but wants to lose more
Many friends tell Michelle Wai that the longer they watch COOK UP A STORM the hungrier they get
Michelle Wai treats fans to yogurt
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Michelle Wai Sze Nga yesterday promoted her film COOK UP A STORM (KUET JIN SIK SUN) and treated fans to yogurt. After the release Sze Nga received many friends' comments. Due to all the cuisine in the film, the longer they watched the hungrier they got. She sad, "Many friends said that they felt very hungry as they watched, even if they went to the movie full they still felt hungry."

She also said that she was the best at making soup. Earlier she even "studied" making Jian Dui. "I am not a great cook, I am OK with soup. This Lunar New Year I learned to make Lunar New Year food with elders. Because my grandpa is great at Jian Dui and Water Chestnut Cake, he passes it on generation to generation and thus I went to learn. I ate a lot myself, so I am ballooning up."

She also sad that she has been working hard to lose weight for a new film. She wanted to be a little thinner and challenge her own limits by losing 20 pounds in 2 months. "Now I started to exercise with a coach, later I will quit grease, salt, sugar, carbohydrates and water. My goal is Cheung Ka Fai (Nick)." The 105 pound Sze Nga would only be left with 85 pounds? Was she worried about it becoming a illness? She sad, "I don't want to be thin, I want to have muscles, be healthy and fit. Earlier I had one class with the coach to work on my muscles. Then I was sore for five days." She said that she was too gluttonous to watch what she ate.

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