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Venus Wong Man Yik starred in the film TO LOVE OR NOT TO LOVE (CHOR LUEN YUT GEI: JIN NAM MUK YAU), which will officially open on March 2nd. Venus in the film again donned a school uniform and gave her first kiss to the "jerk" in the film Edward Ma Chi Wai. Although she said that she had a "memorable bed scene with nothing held back", in the end he unfortunately broke her heart thoroughly.

Venus' school uniform also included gym class shorts. Some online had nothing but praised for her uniform look. However Venue revealed that when her boyfriend Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung visited the set, he had no reaction to this school girl look. She said, "Earlier he visited the set with late night snacks, but when he saw my costume he didn't have any comment. In the film I had a business woman relationship guide look that was drastically different. He had quite a reaction to that and sad that he couldn't accept that costume. Haha, I think guys want their girlfriend to be innocent and simple."

Venue admitted that playing a school girl again was still fresh to her. She said, "My previous work had a memorable student uniform look too, each time it gave people a different impression. This time the school uniform felt particularly fresh, quite a difference from the story development in the second half as I went from a super innocent school girl to an independent woman, a love guru, I hope everyone would be reminded of this character when they think of first love from now on."

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