Saturday, February 11, 2017


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Patrick Tam Yiu Man yesterday was a guest presenter at the 4th Hong Kong secondary school mini movie competition. He praised that current secondary school students for their high quality production method. He said that when he was only 16 or 17 he went to Macau to make a mini movie with friends. They ended up going severely over budget and had to sleep on the streets. They almost turned against each other.

From the numerous films, Tam Yiu Man said that students' fear and accusation of the society and deeply sensed their pressure from the educational system and homework. Was he worried about his children's homework pressure? Ah Tam said, "I did, several years ago they had a lot of homework. I was quite a 'monster' during several period and made the children cry." He sad that now his children are in international schools that took a different educational approach. If the children ran into obstacles in their study he would take time to relieve stress with sports.

Ah Tam said that he made mini movies when he was young. "At the time I was 16 or 17, I went with friends to shoot in Macau because we really liked the Macau architecture. Unfortunately our subject was too large, as we wanted to make THE GODFATHER 2. We ended up being over budget and fought. In the end we didn't even have the money for hotels and had to sleep on the streets." Ah Tam recalled that at the time his friend actually had money, but he had to buy gifts for his girlfriend. Everyone was so angry that they almost turned on each other. Are they still friends? Ah Tam said, "Yes, we always see each other. I remember that at the time we had to scrap the production and complete it with additional shoots after returning to Hong Kong."

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