Tuesday, February 14, 2017


courtesy of singtao.com

BabyJohn Choi Hong Yik yesterday promoted his first lead role in a film, VAMPIRE CLEAN UP DEPARTMENT (GAU GEUNG CHING DOH FU). In it he and Chin Siu Ho kept fighting vampires. In his first action film he got bruises all over. Luckily he was fine.

He said, "At first I was very afraid of hurting someone. Luckily Siu Ho was a great teacher. The martial art director advised me not to be afraid to ht, but felt that the fight scene was harder than dancing." He had his share of wire scene. He stated, "It was very tough, I had a personal stunt coordinator to help me with the safety harness. It was a lot like He-He, but whatever, he had to ensure that when I went up I wouldn't be hurt. Yet during the shoot with the slight pull I would feel it. I toughed out the pain and finished quickly. The important area wasn't hurt."

BabyJohn on Valentine's Day yesterday prepared a gift for his wife. Because they did not like to the Valentine's Day dinner, they stayed home and cooked. He said, "Originally I thought I would have to work on Valentine's Day, luckily we finished a day early and I was able to spend it with the old lady. Earlier I was so busy that I had no idea when I would be home. Luckily our relationship wasn't affected. The old lady was great, each time I went home I would see the soup that she has prepared for me. It was very heart warming."

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