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MAD WORLD's Shawn Yue
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Best Actress nominees
Best Actor nominees
SOUL MATE has the most nominations, followed by COLD WAR 2
BOOK OF LOVE's Paul Chun
MAD WORLD's Eric Tsang
MERMAID's Jelly Lin
MAD WORLD's Elaine Jin
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Elaine Jin and Aaron Kwok
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The 36th Hong Kong Film Award will take place on April 9th at the Cultural Center. Yesterday at the press conference nominees for the 19 awards were announced. SOUL MATE received the most nominations with 12, COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN II) followed with 10; TRIVISA (SHU DAI JIU FUNG)'s Gordon Lam Ka Tung and Richie Jen (Yam Yin Chai) will battle for the Best Actor award. Nina Paw Hee Ching and Kara Wai Ying Hung were both nominated for Best Actress.

This year's Hong Kong Film Award theme will be "Magic Moment". Yesterday the Hong Kong Film Award Association president Derek Yee Tung Sing spoke, after which last year's Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and Best Supporting Actress Elaine Jin (Kam Yin Ling) read the nominations. The Derek Tsang Kwok Cheung directed SOUL MATE received the most nominations with 12, including Best Film, Best Director and Best Actress for both Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun; last year's highest grossing Hong Kong film COLD WAR 2 followed with 10 nominations including Best Actor Tony Leung Ka Fai and Best Supporting Actress Janice Man Wing Shan. MERMAID (MEI YUN YU), WEEDS ON FIRE (DIM NG BO) and MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING) each received 8 awards.

TRIVISA with Best Actor nominees Lam Ka Tung and Yam Yin Chai had 7 nominations. They will have to compete with SHED SKIN PAPA (TUET PEI BA BA)'s Francis Ng Chun Yu, COLD WAR 2 (HONG JIN II)'s Tony Leung Ka Fai and first time Best Actor nominee, MAD WORLD (YUT LIM MO MING)'s Shawn Yue Man Lok. However, Ka Tung just won his first Best Actor award at the Hong Kong Film Critic Society awards. Who knew if it would be advantageous to the Hong Kong Film Award.

For Best Actress, past winners SHOW ME YOUR LOVE (DAI SAU HIN SIU SAU)'s Nina Paw Hee Ching, BOOK OF LOVE's Tang Wei and HAPPINESS (HUNG WON SI NGOR)'s Wai Ying Hung ran into two first time Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress nominees, SOUL MATE's Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun. They earlier won the Golden Horse Film Award Best Actresses.

Best Director nominees included veterans like THREE (SAM YUN HUNG)'s Johnnie To Kei Fung and MERMAID's Stephen Chow Sing Chi. They faced the less experienced SOUL MATE's Tsang Kwok Cheung, MAD WORLD's Wong Chun and TRIVISA's Frank Hui Hok Man and Vicky Wong Wai Kit. Who knew if it will be an opportunity to promote a "Fresh Wave" director.

Best Supporting Actor nominees were all good actors. MAD WORLD's Eric Tsang Chi Wai, BOOK OF LOVE's Paul Chun Pui, THE MENU (DOH FOR SUN MUN SIN)'s Ng Man Tat, TRIVISA's Philip Keung Ho Man and WEEDS ON FIRE's Liu Kai Chi all could hold their own. As for Best Supporting Actress, MAD WORLD's Elaine Jin already won last year. Earlier she won the Golden Horse Award Best Supporting Actress and thus was the super favorite; new comers like MAD WORLD's Charmaine Fong Ho Man, MERMAID's Kitty Zhang Yuqi, SISTERHOOD (GWUT MUI)'S Fish Liew Chi Yu and COLD WAR 2's Man Wing Shan might have to stand aside.

Kwok Fu Sing who was responsible for unveiling the Hong Kong Film Award nominations has been busy with his film and concert preparation. He did not have time to watch all the nominated films. For Best Actor he could only pick his COLD WAR 2 co-star Leung Ka Fai. As for his lack of nomination, Sing Sing said, "I am not disappointed, whether I am nominated or not I am still in the same state of mind because I am a very hard working actor too. In addition last year I just won, I have been there. So I will support everyone just the same. Even without a nomination this year I still will sincerely wish every nominated actor a pretty report card!"

Winning the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Best Actor with TRIVISA earlier, Lam Ka Tung was exciting after learning that he had a Hong Kong Film Award nomination. "Of course I am very happy, I got my first Best Actor nomination at this age. No matter what the result will be, I have already proven that my past effort has not gone to waste. The happiest is aside from me I also congratulate everyone, including Siu Chai (Yam Yin Chai) and Hak Jai (Keung Ho Man); the directors and the screen writers were nominated this time as well. I will even be able to walk the red carpet with Siu Chai. I am really very happy this time!"

Yam Yin Chai was in his U.S. concert tour. "I got this news at 2AM, I wasn't sleepy after that! I am very happy that TRIVISA received so many nominations. Everyone's effort wasn't wasted! I want to congratulate the directors and Ka Tung too!" Siu Chai said that this was the first Hong Kong Film Awards he had since his Best New Actor nomination for FLY ME TO POLARIS (SING YUEN) in 2000. "This time I am actually nominated for Best Actor, it truly is a surprise! Of course I am happy about my nomination, at the same time I am happy for our brother Lam Ka Tung. Our film's lead actors took two spots, go Ka Tung! I am already very pleased with the nomination."

Ng Chun Yu was nominated for Best Actor with SHED SKIN PAPA. He said that this film's special meaning was about changes in Hong Kong, using a few scenes at each age of a grandpa to represent changes in Hong Kong. The feeling was pretty interesting, pretty fun. Chun Yu recalled the difficulty of playing a grandpa. "Everyday I would spend 4 hours in make up, then shoot for 14 hours. Later I had to spend 12 days to lose 20 pounds and get a four pack of abdominal muscles. Finally I turned back into someone in his 20s. I learned for the first time muscle pain would hurt to the point of tears and dizziness. Turning young truly wasn't easy." Yue Man Lok admitted that he received a lot of calls and text messages after the announcement. He said, "I am very happy. The first nomination broke through zero! Many people around me, friends, family, company colleagues were all very happy. The director and Old Dad Tsang Chi Kwai were the first to call me. I am happy because I gave a lot. Everyone would be very happy with such a performance, thank you everyone!"

Tang Wei said, "Thank you Hong Kong Film Award for the surprise. After finding out I held Little Summer and kissed her to celebrate!" She also sad that last year when she was nominated her daughter was still in her belly. Again nominated for Best Actress with SHOW ME YOUR LOVE, Paw Hee Ching also happily said, "Happy! Grateful! It's like a dream! Although the competition is strong, I am fine with getting a good performance!"

Wai Ying Hung was working on a movie n Taiwan. "I truly am very happy to be recognized in my own region. In HAPPINESS I actually wanted to depict Mommy in her entirety. The nomination is like a victory for me already. I hope Mommy knows that I put my heart into playing this character. I am very happy, when I heard I was all over the place emotionally. I was very happy but also thought of my Mommy. So I hope to peacefully spend this day. At the award show I will dress up and sit for a day to enjoy such a grand event."

Zhou Dongyu and Ma Sichun with SOUL MATE both won the Golden Horse Award Best Actress. They were again nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actress. Zhou Dongyu replied, "Thank you SOUL MATE for the endless surprising that it brings and congratulations to it for such a good performance!" Ma Sichun also happily said, "I am happy for our entire film, thank you Hong Kong Film Award for giving SOUL MATE so much beautiful recognition, I feel lucky and grateful!"

Tsang Kwok Cheung two nights ago was asleep after working all night when many congratulatory messages woke him. SOUL MATE received the most nominations including Best Director for him. He happily said, "I am very appreciative and very grateful! This time I am especially happy to be able to receive so many awards, because SOUL MATE was the achievement of many departments' effort. Thank you to the colleagues and elders who voted for Hong Kong Film Award. I am also very happy that everyone like this film. As for awards, I won't think too much about them."

To Kei Fung already has been nominated for Best Director many times. He said, "Thank you to the boss of TRIVISA and THREE, Lam Kin Ngok, everyone at Media Asia films, and everyone from the two films."

Last year winning Best Supporting Actress with PORT OF CALL (DAP HUET CHUM MUI)'s Kam Yin Ling this year with MAD WORLD again had hope to repeat. Kam Yin Ling excitedly said, "2017 opened up very prettily, actually last year to now I did my best to do my job well. I have always put a lot of importance on nominations and awards. I hope through these motivations I would have the next opportunity to work, but I don't dare to think about 'repeating' or not. When everyone say I am the big favorite I am even more scared. If I won't win I will be very disappointed. With the nomination I of course hope to win." She said that she has been nominated numerous times previously, but each time she waited for the announcement in the audience she would be very nervous and conflicted. She knew that the result was already determined, but she would still be nervous about whether she would win. "After so many years of acting, I still can't control my own emotions. Because people are greedy, when I sit there I really don't know what kind of expression I have to make. If I keep smiling it would seem very fake, but I don't want to be too emotional either." She admitted that she selfishly hoped that her MAD co-stars Yue Man Lok, Tsang Chi Wai and director Wong Chun would win as well.

Man Wing Shan was nominated for Best Supporting Actress with COLD WAR 2. She happily said, "I am very happy to be nominated for Best Supporting Actress again. I will keep working hard and hope to work toward Best Actress next time." SISTERHOOD's Liew Chi Yu was also nominated in the category. When she found out she was promoting the film with her Best New Actor nominated co-star Jennifer Yu Heung Yi. They immediately embraced and cried.

James Ng Yip Kwan with HAPPINESS was nominated for the Best New Actor. After finding out he looked surprised. "Huh, I am very surprise. I never thought that I would come in touch with a film award. I am very happy to be nominated. This year I never thought that I would really develop in the film industry. I am very happy that the director let me play a very rough, bold and dirty garage guy."

Tsang Chi Wai was happy for Yue Man Lok on his Best Actor nomination and said that he would like to win with his son Tsang Kwok Cheung.

    Best Film
  • Soul Mate
  • Mermaid
  • Cold War II
  • Trivisa
  • Weeds On Fire
    Best Director
  • Wong Chun (Mad World)
  • Derek Tsang (Soul Mate)
  • Johnnie To (Three)
  • Stephen Chow (Mermaid)
  • Frank Hui, Jevons Au, Vicky Wong (Trivisa)
    Best Screenplay
  • Florence Chan (Mad World)
  • Lam Wing Sum, Li Yuan, Xu Yi-meng, Wu Nan (Soul Mate)
  • Stephen Chow (Mermaid)
  • Longman Leung, Sunny Luk, Jack Ng (Cold War II)
  • Loong Man Hong, Thomas Ng, Mak Tin Shu (Trivisa)
    Best Actor
  • Shawn Yue (Mad World)
  • Francis Ng (Shed Skin Papa)
  • Tony Leung Ka Fai (Cold War II)
  • Richie Jen (Trivisa)
  • Lam Ka Tung (Trivisa)
    Best Actress
  • Zhou Dongyu (Soul Mate)
  • Ma Sichun (Soul Mate)
  • Nina Paw (Show Me Your Love)
  • Tang Wei (Book Of Love)
  • Kara Wai (Happiness)
    Best Supporting Actor
  • Eric Tsang (Mad World)
  • Paul Chin Pei (Book Of Love)
  • Ng Mang Tat (The Menu)
  • Philip Keung (Trivisa)
  • Liu Kai Chi (Weeds On Fire)
    Best Supporting Actress
  • Charmaine Fong (Mad World)
  • Elaine Jin (Mad World)
  • Zhang Yu Qi (Mermaid)
  • Fish Liew (Sisterhood)
  • Janice Man (Cold War II)
    Best New Performer
  • James Ng (Happiness)
  • Jelly Lin (Mermaid)
  • Jennifer Yu (Sisterhood)
  • Wu Tsz Tung Tony (Weeds On Fire)
  • Tam Sin Yin (Weeds On Fire)
    Best Cinematography
  • Jake Pollock, Jing-Ping Yu (Soul Mate)
  • Cheng Siu Keung, To Hung Mo (Three)
  • Jason Kwan (Cold War II)
  • O Sing Pui (Weeds On Fire)
  • Peter Pau, Cao Yu (See You Tomorrow)
    Best Film Editing
  • Derek Hui, Li Dianshi, Zhou Xiaolin, Tan Xiang-Yuan (Soul Mate)
  • Jordan Goldman, Ron Chan (Cold War II)
  • David Richardson (Operation Mekong)
  • Allen Leung, David Richardson (Trivisa)
  • David Wu (See You Tomorrow)
    Best Art Direction
  • Zhai Tao (Soul Mate)
  • Silver Cheung, Fion Lee, Wu Zhen, Chong Kwok Wing (Sword Master) Daniel Fu (The Monkey King 2)
  • Chan Kam Ho Raymond (Mermaid)
  • Alfred Yau (See You Tomorrow)
    Best Costume & Make Up Design
  • Dora Ng (Soul Mate)
  • Stanley Cheung (Sword Master)
  • Kenneth Yee Chung Man, Dora Ng (The Monkey King 2)
  • William Chang, Lui Fung Shan (League Of Gods)
  • William Chang, Cheung Siu Hong (See You Tomorrow)
    Best Action Choreography
  • Yuen Bun, Dion Lam (Sword Master)
  • Sammo Hung (Call Of Heroes)
  • Sammo Hung (The Monkey King 2)
  • Chin Ka Lok (Cold War II)
  • Tung Wai (Operation Mekong)
    Best Original Film Score
  • Yusuke Hatano (Mad World)
  • Peter Kam, Yusuke Hatano (Soul Mate)
  • Peter Kam (Cold War II)
  • Day Tai (Weeds On Fire)
  • Nathaniel Mechaly (See You Tomorrow)
    Best Original Film Song
  • 1. (It’s Not A Crime) It’s Just What We Do (Soul Mate)
    Composer:Leah Dou
    Lyric:Leah Dou
    Sung by:Leah Dou
  • Wu Di (Mermaid)
    Composer:Stephen Chow
    Lyric:Stephen Chow
    Sung by:Deng Chao
  • Anthem Of Shatin Martins (Weeds On Fire)
    Composer:Day Tai
    Lyric:Saville Chan
    Sung by:Supper Moment
  • Better Tomorrow (Happiness)
    Composer:Yusuke Hatano
    Lyric:Yusuke Hatano
    Sung by:Yusuke Hatano
  • Keep Me By Your Side (See You Tomorrow)
    Composer:Tang Hanxiao
    Lyric:Tang Hanxiao
    Sung by:Eason Chan
    Best Sound Design
  • Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu Keung, Yiu Chun Hin, Lai Chi Hung (Sword Master)
  • Yin Jay (The Monkey King 2)
  • Kinson Tsang, George Lee Yiu Keung (Cold War II)
  • Nopawat Likitwong, Kaikangwol Rungsakorn, Sarunyu Nurnsai, Stan Yau (Operation Mekong)
  • Robert Mackenzie(See You Tomorrow)
    Best Visual Effects
  • Sungjin Luke Jung (Sword Master)
  • Luke Sungjin Jung, Sanghoon Kim, Kim Chan Soo, Kim Chlu Min (The Monkey King 2)
  • Ken Law Wai Ho, Lee Inho, Kang Tae Gyun, Marco Ng (Mermaid)
  • Yee Kwok Leung, Raymond Leung (Cold War II)
  • Yee Kwok Leung, Felix Lai Tsz Fei, Kang Tae Gyun (Operation Mekong)
    Best New Director
  • Wong Chun (Mad World)
  • Derek Tsang (Soul Mate)
  • Jazz BOON (Line Walker)
  • Andy Lo (Happiness)
  • Stevefat (Weeds On Fire)
    Best Film From Mainland And Taiwan
  • Godspeed
  • Chongqing Hot Pot
  • The Road To Mandalay
  • Mr. Six I Am Not Madame Bovary

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