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Chrissie Chau Sau Na, Stephy Tang Lai Yun and Gaile Lok starred in the Fire Lee (For For) directed film HUSBAND KILLERS (NUI JI FOOK SAU) recently released its trailer. In it "the killer wife" Stephy and the "the mistress thief" Sister Na discover their other half is cheating and even learns that the jerk is dating "girlfriend" Gaile Lok. The film has a lot of violent fight scenes and sexy performance to get a full score on sensory stimulation.

Chau Sau Na's character was the most memorable. In the film she yelled at Stephy, "I am going to shoot this X as soon as she sits down!" While the audience might be stunned, she said that she rather enjoyed that. "It was the first time I could be so reckless with foul language in a movie, it felt both exciting and pretty fun! In the film Gaile, Stephy and I got to know each other from all the fighting, the entire film production was fun and happy."

Stephy had a bed scene with the mystery lead actor. In the film she warned a group of men not to cheating on their girlfriends, otherwise they would "die brutal deaths". She said, "When a woman goes mad she really can do the impossible, everyone please look forward to a different Stephy!"

Speaking of the film being selected for the Osaka Asian Film Festival's "Special Focus on Hong Kong 2017" segment. The actresses were very excited. Chau Sau Na said, "The film festival selection really increased my confidence, thank you again to the Osaka Asian Film Festival for its recognition of us!" Gaile said, "When I saw the trailer I was reminded of all the fun time on the set!"

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