Wednesday, February 22, 2017


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Gordon Lam Ka Tung with the film TRIVISA (SHU DAI CHIU FUNG) was nominated for the Hong Kong Film Award Best Actor. Yesterday he said on the radio that every Best Actor nominee was evenly strong. Each character was hard to play, which was also a good thing. Richie Jen (Yam Yin Jai) was also nominated. Ka Tung admitted regret that their co-star Jordan Chan Siu Chun was not. If all three were nominated he could not be happier. Who was the strongest competition? He said, "I can't tell, I haven't seen all the movies so it's very hard to evaluate. Instead I feel after years of hard work, I would get a lot of people's applause that night. It will be a huge encouragement."

Ka Tung mentioned that when he left television, some made fun of him for not knowing how to act. Did he feel like he has avenged himself today? Ka Tung said, "Many people want to project how they think onto others. I only felt very alone, as no one understood what I did. I was too lazy to explain. (Did they look down on you?) No, a good friend thought that my decision then was very silly. We ran into each other recently, he said, "I never expected that from you". I too had my own dream."

After his nomination his injured mentor Andy Lau Tak Wa encouraged him. Originally Wa Jai promised to attend the Hong Kong Film Critic Society Award presentation next month to personally witness Ka Tung's Best Actor award acceptance, but Wa Jai will not be able to due to his injury. Ka Tung admitted that he was not too happy but hoped that Wa Jai would get well soon.

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