Sunday, February 5, 2017


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The famous Taiwan director Wei Sheng-Te directed musical comedy 52HZ I LOVE YOU two nights ago held a Kwun Tong premiere. Leads Lin Chung-Yu, Chuang Chuan-Ying, Suming Rupi, Mify Chen attended and performed classic scenes from the film again. Four leads talked about the production. Chuang Chuan-Ying said that during the Lunar New Year they promoted the film in Taiwan. They and the director took 520 stems of roses to Ximending to give away to everyone. Mify said that for her first film she already had a kiss scene and a bed scene with Suming Rupi, the experience of which was very memorable. Lin Chung-Yu joked that the only thing that upset him was the lack of a kiss scene. Director Wei Te-Sheng said that the film had to record live sounds. The actors had to sing, act and take their mark, so before the shoot he had to take care of the music. The communication process was rather difficulty. Did the actors want to eat anything special in Hong Kong? Chuang Chuan-Ying and Suming Ruip wanted to go for dim sum, Mify wanted beef pho while Lin Chung-Yu wanted buttered pineapple bun.

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