Monday, August 31, 2020


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Kenny Wong, Patrick Tam, Aaron Kwok and Gordon Lam Tung in DISCONNECT'D
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Best Actor Aaron Kwok Fu Sing and director Soi Cheang Pou Soi work together again on the film DISCONNECT'D (DUEN MONG). Sing Sing worked with Megan Lai for the first time and played an IT whiz. The film was shot during the pandemic, the team took every precaution before the production. As for the third wave of the pandemic receding, Sing Sing said, "The return of cinemas is certain good news to film companies and viewers. Everyone can go to the movies. I would also have many new films that I look forward to everyone to be able to watch at the cinema soon."

The new film examined the phenomenon of society's excessive dependence on the internet and spent HK$ 2 million on a high tech office. Sing Sing said, "The film is about online security, this high tech center that is in a tug of war with a business crime organization of course has to be a little more cyber. My favorite part is the entrance of the office is like the gate of a time tunnel. Walking through the time tunnel to work put every actor in character right away."

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