Tuesday, August 25, 2020


Kang Dong-Won is happy to hear that Hong Kong cinemas will open up again and hope everyone will see his film PENINSULA
BEYOND THE DREAM's director Kiwi Chow is excited about the return of cinema
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Korean film PENINSULA after over a month of delay will rush out of the gate.
BEYOND THE DREAM's director Kiwi Chow admits that the cinema closing after only 13 days of the film's release was quite a setback.
MY PRINCE EDWARD's director Norris Wong hopes everyone would pay attention to their hygiene when they would return to the movies.
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The Hong Kong government yesterday announced an easing of gathering restrictions. Cinemas will resume operation Friday. Originally scheduled for an August 15th release, the Korean film PENINSULA finally would see the light of day and open on the day that cinemas would return.

Locally, BEYOND THE DREAM (WAN OI) and MY PRINCE EDWARD (GUM DOH) was still in release last month but was forced to cut their runs short. BEYOND THE DREAM's director Kiwi Chow Koon Wai said, "The cinema closing last month had quite an enormous impact on BEYOND THE DREAM, which has only been in release for 13 days. Upon learning that cinemas will be able to re-open on Friday, I am a little excited. During this period Hong Kong changed a lot, the future became very hard to grasp. I would encourage friends who are interested in BEYOND THE DREAM to take the opportunity and go to the movies as soon as possible." MY PRINCE EDWARD's director Norris Wong Yi Lam said, "Cinemas will finally re-open, MY PRINCE EDWARD was still in release before. I hope it will be able to continue. Many people want to see it at the movies. I hope everyone would continue to pay attention to hygiene when they go to the movies." SUK SUK's director Ray Yeung said, "I have been looking forward to the cinemas to open up again for a long time. I hope SUK SUK will be able to continue its journey at the movies. I hope even more that viewers would not forget SUK SUK and continue their support. Everyone please take the full preventive precaution when they go to the movies. The experience of enjoying SUK SUK on the big screen will be even more memorable and even more touching."

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