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Stephy Tang is happy that her new film has been recognized at film festivals before its release
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Stephy Tang cannot breathe while watching her new film at its London, England premiere
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Stephy Tang Lai Yan two nights ago appeared at her film AS IT BURNS (BAK JAU YU FUN)'s preview screening. The film just received the Fukuoka Rising Sun International Film Festival Award for Career Achievement, another recognition after receiving the anticipated film of the year at the Golden Rooster Hundred Flower Film Festival. The film would not open until March next year, but Stephy felt happy that the film has already received good performance before its release. She leaned toward being conservative about the suspense film's box office, because the genre was not a popular one. She only hoped that the audience would like it and feel that her acting has improved.

Stephy said that the production was very rough as the character had drastic mood swings, but at the time the pandemic required 21 days of quarantine. The days in quarantine were just right for helping her with getting into this lonely character. Two years after the film production and after making comedy film like TABLE FOR SIX (FAN HEI GUNG SUM), she felt that she still has not left the character. "I thought I did. Earlier when I watched the premiere in London, England, I couldn't breathe at all. So all of the visuals came back. Yesterday I watched the preview show again, during the interaction I brought it up and couldn't help but cry. Actually the role's influence on me was pretty enormous." She felt that she was a glutton for punishment and a sadomasochist, the rougher the role was the more she would want to make it again. She said, "It's like breaking up in a relationship, I really enjoy myself as the protagonist in a tragedy. When the work could affect others, I get a lot of satisfaction." She pointed out that normally she would rely on exercises and meditation to reduce stress, but perhaps the emotions have already entered her subconscious without her knowing. For example earlier when she looked at photos from her concert earlier, she still would have a feeling of reluctance. If she would perform another concert it would have to wait until the second half of the year, as she revealed that in the first half of next year she has already arranged for film work.

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