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Bonnie Lai was still smiling in a selfie from two nights ago

After what happened, Bonnie Lai's son and husband rushed to the hospital

Bonnie Lai's remains was transported to the morgue

On the night before, Bonnie Lai had a barbecue at home

Ken Low

Bonnie Lai guest starred in LEGAL AFFAIR and took a selfie with star Kay Tse (left)
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Bonnie Lai's post about the barbecue and her dog became her final posts

Bonnie Lai's current husband leaves the hospital with friends

Bonnie Lai's oldest son (arrow) tries to get an understanding at the hospital in person

Bonnie Lai's remains was transported from the hospital to the morgue

Ken Low and Bonnie Lai have two sons, from them he learned about her passing

Eva Lai and Yeung Suk Mui (circle) are shocked to hear the news

LEGAL AFFAIR has become Bonnie Lai's final series, in which she and Norman Cheung played a couple

Bonnie Lai  in YOUNG AND DANGEROUS 3 played Simon Yam's girlfriend

Ken Low and Bonnie Lai have two sons

Bonnie Lai remarried in 2007 and also has two sons with her current husband

Ken Low Wai Kwong's former wife Bonnie Lai Suk Yin yesterday was found unconscious at home by her husband. She was rushed to hospital but in the end was confirmed dead.

Around midnight, Lai Suk Yin and her husband Hui Chi Ching held a barbecue with friends at home. Around 3 AM, Hui and friends left. At the time no one detected anything out of the ordinary. Lai on her personal social media platform posted a story of the barbecue and photos with her dog. Around 6 PM, Lai texted her husband via WhatsApp "See you in the next life." Around 1 pm, after returning home Hui found Lai unconscious in bed, burnt coal was found in the bedroom bathroom and he called the police.

The police did not find any suicide note. The cause of death would await the autopsy. The case has been listed as a suicide. Reportedly, Lai Suk Yin over the years has been fighting depression and attending her scheduled appointments. However her family life has been harmonious. Lately nothing has been out of the ordinary, and no one detected that she had suicidal thoughts.

Lai Suk Yin 1998 wed Low Wai Kwong and had two sons Lo Chun Yin (24) and Lo Chun Hei (18), but the marriage only lasted 8 years. After their 2006 divorce, Low Wai Kwong raised their sons. However the sons were still very close to their mother, constantly meeting for dinner. They even went on vacation with her two sons with her current husband.

Low Wai Kwong said that he has already learned about Lai Suk Yin's passing. His older son who was currently working in Hong Kong and his young son who has returned from studying in England two weeks ago rushed to the hospital already. He continued, two weeks ago he and Lai Suk Yin talked on the phone about their sons, but at the time her tone was peaceful and did not show any abnormal sign.

Currently working on a series in the mainland, Eva Lai Yin Shan found the news of her friend Lai Suk Yin's passing completely hard to accept. She sobbed, "Why would it be like this? I really can't accept it. We in recent years with a group of friends did charity work in a very low key manner, giving material to the basic level families and children. She often gave money and effort. We would go to her home for barbecue, eat and chat, but because I was too busy I couldn't go that day. We earlier even encouraged her for getting the highest score in her jewelry authentication certification. We even said that we would take her to dinner, unfortunately we haven't been able to." Ah Shan said that Lai Suk Yin was kind, loyal and a good Mama, putting all of her efforts into taking care of her family at home and outside. However how could life ever be perfect? She revealed that lately she was hiding something, originally she wanted to find a chance to chat with her. Now only regret remained. "I really don't know what to say, I can't accept it. I can only treat it like she went overseas. I hope she would be happier."

Yeung Yuk Mui was shocked to hear about Lai Suk Yin's passing, because only two days ago she texted her Merry Christmas and she replied. Yeung Yuk Mui was unable to attend Lai Suk Yin's birthday party earlier, and they even said that they would meet up later. "I really would have never guessed that something like this would happen. In my eyes she is a good Mama, really took care of her sons. She was very positive. In recent years she has been studying cooking and draw. She drew very well. I hope she would be able to rest in peace!"

Yam Tat Wa who has worked with her on a movie said, "I feel very upset, I don't know why life would be like this......I remember when we were in Holland working on YOUNG AND DANGEROUS. She was very happy, a nice girl. We didn't have too much time to talk, ultimate she was a girl and I had to keep my distance." He pointed out that they were not too familiar. After working together they have not met again. He lamented, "Hoi Mei (Kathy Chow) passed, many friends passed. Life is unexpected. I wished them all a safe journey. Everyone should cherish those in front of you. If you feel you took a wrong turn, turn around and in the end you would go back on the straight path. Everything can be resolved."

Lai Suk Yin in 1995 after becoming Miss Asia first runner up joined the business and performed in films like YOUNG AND DANGEROUS 3, 97' LAN KWAI FONG, and BIO-ZOMBIE with her share of sexy appearances. In 2002 after finishing the movie SHARK BUSTER (FAN SAU SO DUT HIN DUI) and remarrying Lai Suk Yin gradually eased out of on camera work to be a full time Mama. She once revealed because taking care of four children she did not have enough time no matter what, so she did not plan to make a full comeback. She would still be able to take some lighter jobs. This year she returned with the ViuTV series LEGAL AFFAIR, in which she guest starred as Norman Cheung Lap Kei's wife. At the time some online asked if she was making a comeback, she replied, "Yes, just messing around!" The series premiered on the 18th, but no one expected that it would be her final work.

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