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Jennifer Yu says that her husband has promised her to buy her diamond jewelry after 10 and 20 years.

Dear Jane's Tim Wong and Rabee'a Yeung
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Janice Man says that her baby making plans with her husband may bring a surprise next year

Two children are enough for Jennifer Yu

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Janice Man Wing Shan (JM), Jennifer Yu Heung Ying, Panther Chan Lui, Kaho Hung and others yesterday attended a natural diamond art exhibit and opening party. JM who has not appeared in Hong Kong in a long time. She said that now she had no stable place of work. He often had to go everywhere. At the end of the year he would begin planning of his work projects next year. Did he have any plan to be a Mama? JM admitted that she and her husband have communicated, but because they were busy on their own they could only forgive each others. She hoped to have a successful surprise to everyone.

Just finished with her film promotion, JM said that when she was free she would be able to attend Christmas and New Year events. If she also had time she would be able to read new scripts and even planning for next year. Speaking of JM becoming a hundred million box office star, would she be able to plan to retire? She joked, "I want to retire too!" Would she be more careful when choosing a script? JM said, "It would depend on fate and luck; for an actor being good every time would be very hard, because you don't know when you would have good performance again. You can only do your best each time." JM also said that she did not pick scripts with awards as a goal, because actors had no way to control how far the film would go. Has her husband complained about her busy work schedule? JM said, "He is even busier than I am, but we understand each other. (When would you plan to be Mama?) We have communicated, but because we are both busy, maybe next year we would suddenly give everyone a surprise? Right now I would accept everyone's blessing in advance." Working more in the mainland in recent years, would JM make Hong Kong films again? She said, "I really want to, I welcome everyone to approach me. I hope to be able to make an action film. Before I got beaten up a lot, I want to try the feeling of hitting someone." She could work with Wu Jing. She said, "Working with Big Brother Wu Jing would be the best, but I know working on a fight film is very tough but very cool."

Yu Heung Ying attended the event with her own diamond rings. She explained that the left hand was the engagement ring and the right hand was the family heirloom from her mother in law. She would save the rings for the future for her daughter and daughter in law. She said that she would then have even more motivation to work and make money. Speaking of Louis Koo Tin Lok's interest in making a series of IN BROAD DAYLIGHT (BAK YUT JI HA) movies, Yu Heung Ying said that she has heard about it from her boss. "I would work hard on auditions to fight for character, not get lazy because it's our company. Actually I like to audition. Earlier when I was pregnant I have done it too. Instead the directors would feel bad and worry that the emotional upheaval when I act would affect the child. Perhaps some directors felt that I had performance experience, they would not feel right about asking me to audition."

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